A Daughter of Zion

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Rodello Hunter
Paperback / 300 pages / 1-56085-122-8 / $17.95

A Daughter of ZionA free-spirited Mormon, Rodello Hunter has unconventional ways. Take her manner of serving in the Lincoln Ward of the Granite Stake of Zion. How best to manage unruly teenagers in her Mutual Improvement class? Talk straight, inject humor, admit you’re human—advice that she freely passes on to the ward’s male leadership, as well. On the other hand, she harbors a few secret misgivings, some deep questions that contradict her cheery exterior and the aplomb with which she approaches her church obligations. These little heresies, her occasional un-daughter-of-Zion-like tendencies, are shared honestly, much like the nun in “Sister Mary Ignatius Explains It All to You,” only this time it’s a Mormon story.

Rodello HunterRodello Hunter was the author of A House of Many RoomsWyoming Wife, and The Soul of Jackson Hole (poetry). Her two novels were both Reader’s Digest Book Club selections. She was also the editor of Utah Fish and Game Magazine.