Utah Celebrities

Out of Print

A Guide to the Stars

by Boyd Payne
Paperback / 176 Pages. / 1-56085-052-3 / $10.95

Celebrities in UtahShort of a map, this is the closest to a Hollywood-style guide that any paparazzi wannabe could wish for. Celebrities in Utah? Who would not be impressed by this list: actors Robby Benson, Wilford Brimley, Johnny Carson, Edward Herrmann, Mike Lookinland, Robert Redford, Joe Regalbuto, and Robert Urich; actresses Carlin Glynn and Kaki Hunter; producers Marcy Carsey and Amy Robinson; and even the former blue movie star Harry Reems who retired to the quiet life in Park City.
Utah has more than its share of athletes: Jason Buck, Stein Eriksen, Parnelli Jones, and Merlin Olsen, to name a few. Fashion? Georges Marciano. Beauty? Sharlene Wells. Writers? Robert Fulghum. Corporate moguls? Debbi Fields. There are eighty-three celebrities in all, each featured with a biographical sketch, a portrait, the general location of their home, and a photograph of their house (okay, mansion, usually).

Boyd Payne is the former Signature Books marketing director, now with Larson-Juhl. He is the editor of the popular and comprehensive New Mormon Studies CD-ROM. Previously he was book buyer for Seagull Book and Tape and a radio host at KCPX and KLZX in Salt Lake City. He and his family live in South Jordan, Utah.