frequently asked questions

Can you send me a brochure?

A: If you have ordered from us, you should receive a catalog once a year and an occasional e-mail to update you on new titles. If you would rather not receive promotional material, please inform us of this via the e-address listed below. Prospective customers should find all the information they are looking for on this website, but e-mail us if you have further questions. If you are a bookstore, we will send a wholesale catalog; and if you are a professor considering a title for textbook adoption, please request a desk copy on university letterhead.

How can I contact an author directly?

A: Send a letter or e-mail message to the author, c/o Signature Books (address information below).

Is Signature Books a Mormon press?

A: We publish on Mormon topics but have no connection to the LDS church. Our interest is the history and culture of the Rocky Mountain region, in particular the Great Basin and the so-called Mormon Corridor. Our religious books are scholarly rather than devotional in nature.

More specifically, what types of books do you publish?

A: We publish fiction and non-fiction, religious and non-religious books that relate to the Mormon Corridor, as mentioned above. This includes southern Alberta, eastern Washington, Idaho, western Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, southwestern Colorado, Arizona, southern California, and Chihuahua. Our books fall into a few primary categories including biography, literary fiction, memoirs, mysteries, nineteenth-century diaries, short stories, and social topics such as race, gender, and the impact of science on society. As evident from our lineup, we occasionally publish art and photography, humor, science fiction, travel, true crime, and a limited number of children’s books and poetry. We do not publish cook books, family history, inspirational literature, romance, or self-help works.

What about Smith Research Associates and the Smith-Pettit Foundation?

A: We have a close relationship with Smith Research Associates and the Smith-Pettit Foundation. SRA and SPF sometimes sponsor historical research, among other projects, and when they do, this sometimes materializes into a manuscript. We tend to be the publisher of choice for such works. In addition, we share two common officers: our president and our acquisitions editor.

How can I submit a book for publication?

A: Our acquisitions editor is always looking for new talent by reading the historical and literary journals and attending professional meetings. If you are involved in such pursuits, you may have met him; but if not, and if you have a manuscript you think would be right for Signature Books and if you have an established publication history (articles in journals, short stories in anthologies, and so on), please send a one-page letter outlining your thesis or plot accompanied by a vitae. If you have not yet been involved in peer-reviewed forums, this would be a necessary preliminary step to submission of a manuscript. When you send a proposal (a query letter, please, not a manuscript), direct it to the attention of John Hatch, acquisitions editor, at the following address:

Contact Information:

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