An Abundant Life

Out of Print

The Memoirs of Hugh B. Brown (Second Edition, Enlarged)

Edwin B. Firmage, Editor
Foreword by Spencer W. Kimball
Paperback / 200 pages / $17.95

The Memoirs of Hugh B. BrownHugh Brown Brown (1883-1975) served in the First Presidency of the Mormon church from 1961 to 1970—one of the most controversial decades of Latter-day Saint history. During these years he proved to be a compassionate and tolerant member of the church’s general authorities. Shortly before his death, his grandson conducted the in-depth, candid interviews that appear in An Abundant Life, a refreshing look at one of Mormonism’s best-loved leaders.

A short excerpt indicates the content and tone: “While I believe all that God has revealed, I am not quite sure I understand what he has revealed, and the fact that God has promised further revelation is to me a challenge to keep an open mind and be prepared to follow wherever my search for truth may lead … And while all Mormons should respect, support, and heed the teachings of the authorities of the church, no one should accept a statement and base his or her testimony upon it, no matter who makes it …” —Hugh B. Brown

Edwin B. FirmageEdwin B. Firmage, grandson of Hugh B. Brown, is the Samuel D. Thurman Professor of Law, University of Utah. He is the editor of Religion and Law: Biblical-Judaic and Islamic Perspectives and co-author of Zion in the Courts: A Legal History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, among others. He is also a contributor to The Wilderness of Faith: Essays on Contemporary Mormon Thought. He currently lives in Salt Lake City.