An Environment for Murder

Out of Print

by Rod Decker
Paperback / 236 pages / 1-56085-063-9 / $14.95

An Environment for MurderA reluctant, middle-aged reporter is entangled in a story that will not go away. From the mind and experience of Rod Decker emerges a jaded, gumshoe reporter, Alma Cannon, who knows better than to track down leads to the governor’s office, east-bench mansions, or to the LDS church administration building. His family reminds him that if he would clean up his own life, he might be able to see the virtue of the church working in partnership with business and government.

Yet Cannon follows his instincts, his nose telling him that something is fishy at the exclusive downtown Alta Club. Crashing a banquet to see what’s up launches him on a madcap ride through Utah’s backroom, deal-brokering nooks and more than one elegant, diamond-studded cranny. Eventually he turns up a few skeletons in Utah’s southeastern desert.

Playful and imaginative, the fast pace may catch readers by surprise. What unravels from one chapter to the next is a compelling saga set against a backdrop that is unusually well-suited for murder.

Rod DeckerRod Decker, veteran Utah journalist, is a television news reporter for KUTV, Channel 2, in Salt Lake City, where he covers local politics and government. An Environment for Murder is his first novel.