And the Desert Shall Blossom

Out of Print

A Novel

by Phyllis Barber
Paperback / 288 pages / 1-56085-036-1 / $14.95

Mormon Fiction“Highly recommended” —Library Journal

“Excellent” —Sunstone

“Serious and thoughtful.” —Books of the Southwest

“When you reach the last pages, … you will experience a frisson of the soul, revealing the presence of a miracle … an extraordinary work of art, history, and love.” —Annie Dawid, Western American Literature

“A multi-layered story with amazing figures.” Gretchen Abernathy, Top of the Rockies

Phillis BarberPhyllis Barber is the author of How I Got Cultured: A Nevada Memoir (winner of the Associated Writing Program Award for Creative Nonfiction); Legs: The Story of a Giraffe; Parting the Veil: Stories from a Mormon Imagination; Raw Edges: A Memoir; and The School of Love. Raised in southern Nevada, she has lived and worked in Minnesota, Vermont (university faculty), and now Utah.