As a Thief in the Night

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The Mormon Quest for Millennial Deliverance

Hardback / 284 Pages. / 1-56085-100-7

As a Thief in the NightJesus said, “This generation shall not pass away, till all be fulfilled,” meaning the end of the world . Three centuries later, Church Fathers concluded that when Christ enters the heart of a believer, this constitutes the Millennium. Sixteenth-century Protestants challenged this doctrinal accommodation, but within a hundred years they had adopted their own metaphorical interpretations.

Americans held to a literal view, believing that Christ’’s appearance would be to Native Americans, “the lost tribes of Israel,” at the Massachusetts Bay Colony. For Mormons everything hinged on 1890-91. But when the time came and went, it resulted in widespread cognitive dissonance and sweeping theological adjustments. Erickson convincingly demonstrates that in this process, Mormons shared an important rite of passage with greater Christendom.

Dan EricksonDan Erickson is an adjunct professor of history at Chaffey College and Ph.D. candidate in history at Claremont Graduate University. He has published in the Pacific Northwest Quarterly, Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought, the Journal of Mormon History, and Welebaethan, receiving Best Article awards from two of these publications. He and his family live in Riverside, California.