Aspen Marooney

Out of Print

by Levi S. Peterson
Paperback /222 pages / 1-56085-078-7 / $15.95

Aspen MarooneyIn this quietly seductive novel—Levi S. Peterson’s latest foray into the ever-intriguing topics of memory, regret, and sin—a suspenseful ambiance is created from the backdrop of a rural high school reunion. While acquaintances interact tentatively at first, then more freely, Aspen confronts a particularly dark secret from her past. There is also hilarity here. Despite everyone’s best attempts to impress former classmates, they gradually reveal their true selves and lapse into old habits, demonstrating how little has changed. This makes for a particularly satisfying reunion and, for readers, a compelling vicarious experience.

LeviLevi S. Peterson is a Professor of English at Weber State University and author of The Backslider, The Canyons of Grace: Stories, Juanita Brooks: Mormon Woman Historian, and Night Soil: New Stories. He has received Best Book and Best Short Story awards from the Association for Mormon Letters, the Mountain West Center for Regional Studies, and the Utah Arts Council.