Books Are Here!

The Complete Discourses of Brigham YoungWe just received the first 100 sets of the hand-bound, limited edition of our new publication, The Complete Discourses of Brigham Young.

Well, we spoke too soon because the first 100 sets were spoken for and have been shipped to customers who pre-ordered them. No more in inventory for the time being.

But have no fear. On December 2 another 100 sets will arrive. The week after that, we’ll see the balance of the print run of 350, which we expect to see disappear from our warehouse by the end of the year.

This project involved the careful transcription and compilation of all known speeches delivered by the second president of the LDS Church. It has been a monumental undertaking, requiring fifteen years of dedicated perseverence. The end result is this massive five-volume work of 3,260 pages of material from archival and other sources.

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