Canyon Interludes

Out of Print

Between White Water and Red Rock

by Paul W. Rea
Paperback / 294 pages / 1-56085-054-X

Paul ReaDescribing mind-altering adventures on the Colorado Plateau, Paul Rea hikes through Canyonlands, Grand Gulch, Havasu, and Zion canyons, and rafts the Colorado, Dolores, Green, and San Juan rivers. He explores and celebrates the enchanted, colorful desert in sensuous, introspective, and playful ways. “Seated on a mossy rock, nude,” he writes, “I wave to the California Zephyr across the river. Many years ago, riding this train home from the Summer of Love, I first beheld the red rock country in this very canyon.” He tells how he evolved from “greenhorn” to “greybeard” with each scrape of the shins.

PaulPaul W. Rea has been a professor at the University of Northern Colorado, Southern Utah University, and currently St. Mary’s College in California. He has published wilderness essays in Southwestern American Literature and other journals and magazines.