Faith and Worship

Dimensions of Faith

Stephen C. Taysom
Is there anything new under the sun? No, says the preacher in Ecclesiastes. Yes, says Signature Books. There is a new book out, and it's a good one—458 pages of the most interesting discussion of current LDS topics you could find anywhere. Edited by Stephen C. Taysom, Professor of Religious Studies at Cleveland State University, it contains essays by fifteen contributors in what the editor calls the most important...

“Proving Contraries”

A Collection of Writings in Honor of Eugene England
In honor of the late BYU Professor Eugene England (1933-2001), friends and colleagues have contributed their best original stories, poems, reminiscences, scholarly articles, and essays for this impressive volume.

House of the Lord:

House of the Lord
Everything about the great temple in Salt Lake City speaks of tranquility—the exterior gray tones of the granite and the castle flourishes, which give an added impression of stability. Small oval windows were set above eye level on the north and south to admit only indirect, soft light and to focus worshippers' attention inward.

Rational Theology

Rational Theology
Signature Mormon Classics Series No. 2 by John A Widtsoe Dale C. LeCheminant, foreword Paperback / 216 pages / 1-56085-099-X / $14.95 The decades framing the turn of the twentieth century constituted a period of progressive optimism, of increasing faith in science and technology, and of character-building education—vividly illustrated in the founding of Christian Science,

The Sacrament of Doubt

The Sacrament of Doubt
Paul James Toscano embraces his doubts—doubts that spring from an awareness intimately connected to faith. His doubts extend beyond the incidental aspects of Chrstianity and Mormonism to the fundamentals of faith.

Truth, The Way, The Life, An Elementary Treatise on Theology

An Elementary Treatise on Theology
Less than ten years before his death in 1933, B. H. Roberts, one of the most influential Mormon writers of the twentieth century, began work on “the most important book that I have yet contributed to the Church.” A prolific and respected Mormon apologist, Roberts wanted to consolidate his theological thought into a unified whole and to reconcile science with scripture.

Essential Parley P. Pratt

The Essential Parley P. Pratt
Best known for his fiery apologetic writings such as A Voice of Warning (1837), Key to the Science of Theology (1855), and for his autobiography which was published posthumously in 1874 by his son, who wrote most of it, Pratt nevertheless defined Mormon doctrine and theology for much of the nineteenth century. He was killed in 1857 in Arkansas by the estranged husband of one of his polygamous wives....

Essential Orson Pratt

The Essential Orson Pratt
The author of several dozen seminal treatises on Mormon doctrine, Orson Pratt (1811-81) produced a library of spirited and thoughtful expositions and defenses of the LDS church that charted the course for all subsequent church theologians.

Essential Joseph Smith

Essential Joseph Smith
As illuminating as commentaries are, nothing conveys Joseph Smith's character like his own unadulterated words. In his distinctive language—a mix of biblical and frontier idioms—and in his famously spontaneous humor, one can imagine him speaking and feeling the force of his charisma. Like Old Testament prophets, he was alternately contemplative and poetic, animated and surprisingly earthy.

Articles of Faith

The Articles of Faith
Twenty-nine-year-old geologist and college president James E. Talmage noted in his journal in 1891: "Today I had an interview with the First Presidency of the Church ... another appointment for an interview was set for Monday next." From these two meetings came a commission to write twenty-four lectures, twenty-two of which were ultimately delivered to college audiences, treating the basic tenets of LDS beliefs. The lectures were then published...