Faith and Worship

Essential James E. Talmage

The Essential James E. Talmage
As a geology professor, he was consulted about underground ventilation options for the Salt Lake Tabernacle and about the scientific evidence for organic evolution, which he cautiously promoted. At the church president's request, Talmage also delivered a series of lectures on church theology which would form the basis for his later influential books.

Essential Brigham Young

Essential Brigham Young
Self-educated and preoccupied with the day-to-day business of his widespread empire, Young rarely found time to read. But he delivered hundreds of lively, extemporaneous sermons which blended common sense with theological speculation.

Essential B. H. Roberts

The Essential B. H. Roberts
On one occasion Roberts defended the traditional Mormon view of the godhead—perfected men who "eat, drink ... and procreate" as exalted mortals; another time he seemed less comfortable imposing limitations on a God who cannot be fixed to a single location, for whom Jesus was a mortal incarnation, and for whom the term "trinity" seemed more eloquent than the "presidency of heaven."

Line upon Line

Line Upon Line
In Line Upon Line, sixteen thoughtful, compelling essays offer reflective historical discussions of the development of Mormon doctrine from the statements of church leaders to the writings of LDS theologians to canonized scripture, rather than on the authors' personal speculations.