Murder by Sacrament

Murder by Sacrament: Another Toom Taggart Mystery
Murder in the bucolic town of Independence, Missouri, is not everyday news. Especially when it occurs in the temple owned by the Reorganized Mormons. Once again, philosophy instructor and amateur sleuth Toom Taggart becomes embroiled in a homicide investigation. In this second novel, Edwards re-acquaints readers with the likeable, curmudgeonly professor who shocks fellow Latter Day Saints by drinking coffee. By coincidence, Taggart is called to oversee the Church’s...

Sense of Order

Jack Harrell
"Harrell’s prose is impressive, his imagery captivating, and his plot turns unexpected. He is unrivaled among LDS authors.” —Thomas F. Rogers, author of Huebener and Other Plays


The Backslider
Recognized as a Mormon classic twenty years after its release,The Backslider features longstanding Christian conflicts played out in a scenic, sparsely populated area of southern Utah.

Conversion of Jeff Williams

The Conversion of Jeff Williams
"Every September before school, Dad gave me a blessing and told me to be receptive to the guidance of the Holy Ghost. I didn't particularly like the idea of the Holy Ghost following me around, checking up on what I was doing all the time, but Mom said I needed all the help I could get, particularly when it came to girls."

Making the Ghost Dance

Making the Ghost Dance
Objects easily appear and disappear in Peck’s hands, and so do people. “Into the void,” the young magician writes on a sheet of paper. “What’s supposed to happen doesn’t” and “What’s not supposed to happen does.” That’s all the sense he can make of life, and the uncertainty produces hilarious results. The “theory of failed expectations”—if you can’t control the outcome, then roll with it. And roll he does,...

Angel Acronym

Angel Acronym
Alternately suspenseful and humorous, The Angel Acronym romps through the corridors of religious orthodoxy and the pages of history to probe the perplexities of religious truth, public image, and a bureaucratic mindset.

Dancing Naked

Dancing Naked
Terry Walker is an even-tempered, successful mathematics professor, comfortable with his world—the order and predictability of it. He likes the kind of life one lives in a quiet Salt Lake City subdivision.

Pictograph Murders

The Pictograph Murders
Alex McKelvey longs to fit in. She doesn't realize that her earth-mother style—the connections she feels toward the earth and to a certain eerie pictograph panel—sets her off from the crowd. Wanting only to enjoy the beauty of the Utah desert, she packs up her gear and her Siberian husky, Kit, and joins an archaeological dig.

Vernal Promises

Vernal Promises
Jacob Dennison believes that every good thing in life comes at a cost. His wife Pam's miscarriage confirms that. Never mind that his boss at Food World has outrageous demands; that his father, a shady oil field equipment salesman, wants to make him a man in his own image. Never mind that his new friend Dwayne, a cunning drug dealer and occultist, wants nothing less than his discipleship. Jacob...

Evening and the Morning

The Evening and the Morning
Where polite society weighs heavily against extramarital dalliances, why do some people insist on acting against their own best interests? Ah, the complexity of the human heart! That is what Virginia Sorensen is saying in this dark novel about a 1940s Utah housewife.