Some Love

Indifference rests quietly alone in the universe while love, hate, and hurt rage tightly together elsewhere across safely defined demarcations. Some Love secretly yearns for rest but plunges deeply into the scramble of human emotions From his childhood in Sicily as a Catholic altar boy through his latter days as a Mormon “saint,” Caldiero recalls in verse his emerging passion for performance and for the sensual liturgical marriage of physical...


Poems by Susan Elizabeth Howe
This extraordinary collection of poems, "Salt," draws inspiration from an element so common in the Great Basin we almost forget it’s there. We float in it, we race across it, and when the wind blows the wrong way, we can even smell it. Recognized as one of the most important local poets, Howe was invited in 2011 to write the foreword to the anthology "Fire in the Pasture: Twenty-first...

Her Side of It

Marilyn Bushman Carlton
Her Side of It by Marilyn Bushman-Carlton, a collection of very fine poetry about a woman’s quiet rebellion against stupidity, her occasional conformity (although by choice), and the poet’s thoughts about social convention, family interactions, religion, aphrodisiacs, and exotic places. All themes that collide with the domesticated realities of the Salt Lake City suburbs. The poet helps us find rhythm, language, and love among housework, parenting, and occasional...

The Eyes of a Flounder

The Eyes of a Flounder
Contemplative and satisfying, Hamblin's observations on religion are particularly poignant, such as watching her son baptized at eight to "wash from him sins he did not commit."

Mapping the Bones of the World

Mapping the Bones of the World
This is his debut poetry collection, and it is filled with stories from his youth, history, celebrations of the land, and in every case just the right words and nothing more. His selections are varied and rich, evocative, thoroughly developed, imaginative, and powerfully creative. --Dennis Lythgoe, Deseret News