Reviews – Mormonism Unvailed

“Despite an obvious bias, Eber D. Howe provided a service to historians the way he gathered eyewitness accounts and primary documents, for which he was never properly recognized. --Jan Shipps

Reviews – The Council of Fifty

Reviewed by Adam Jortner, Mormon Studies Review Mormon scholars and conspiracy theorists have been salivating over the publication of The Council of Fifty: A Documentary History—a formidable collection of primary sources edited by Jedediah S. Rogers. The recondite Council of Fifty has been shrouded in mystery ever since its founding by Joseph Smith Jr. in 1844. Consequently,

Reviews: Thirteenth Apostle

We were lucky to work with some excellent reviewers for our newest release Thirteenth Apostle: The Diaries of Amasa M. Lyman. Two of our reviewers— David D. Busath and Edward Leo Lyman— are noted Lyman experts as well as Amasa’s descendants. Meanwhile. historian Jessie L. Embry’s review helps situate Lyman’s legacy within Utah’s equally complex relationship with

My Response to Matthew Roper and BYU Studies

by Earl M. Wunderli In a recent issue of the BYU Studies quarterly (53:3, Fall 2014), there was a critical review of my recent work, An Imperfect Book: What the Book of Mormon Tells Us about Itself. My book, a study of the internal evidence in the Book of Mormon, was reviewed by Matthew Roper,

Review – The Challenge of Honesty

Frances Menlove
Open Frances Menlove’s The Challenge of Honesty and be reminded that the warmth of the smallest act can change a life, perhaps the world. Hear the call to conscience in her essay on religion and politics. Feel the lift of her voice when she says, ‘We are a marvelous mixture of dust and divinity.’ Join her at home in the Mystery.

A Response to “Translation and Historicity of the Book of Abraham” by Dr. Robert Ritner

A photograph of page n of the "Book of Abraham" manuscript. This portion is found in the Pear of Great Price, Abraham 1:26-31
A response by Dr. Robert Ritner, Professor of Egyptology at the Oriental Institute, to an essay posted on the LDS Church website titled "Translation and Historicity of the Book of Abraham."

Reviews – Lost Apostles

Lost Apostles: Forgotten Members of Mormonism’s Original Quorum of Twelve
Two skilled historians give clear voice to the “lost apostles” who were silenced not only by the church leadership but also through the passing of time. In this masterfully researched volume, the reader will hear these early ministers speak to us through their words and actions regarding questioning authority, the nature of apostasy, and especially personal integrity. In good time, this book will become as memorable as its message....

REVIEW – Significant Textual Changes in the Book of Mormon

Significant BoM
Review by Bryan Buchanan, Association for Mormon Letters I’m a sucker for a critical edition. My shelves are peppered with both Hebrew Bible and New Testament editions laying out all the textual variants that have accreted over centuries. Though the Book of Mormon is obviously much newer, the textual tradition is interesting in its own

Emeritus Staff

Connie Disney (pictured here with grandson Gabrael) was born in Oregon, where her parents had a farm behind the Tillamook cheese factory. Later they relocated to California’s Central Valley. She attended the Church College of Hawaii and BYU where she studied art “and unfortunately never set foot inside a science class.” One summer was spent

review – An Imperfect Book: What the Book of Mormon Tells Us about Itself

What the Book of Mormon Tells Us About Itself
John Whitmer Historical Association Journal, William Morain Reading this book brought to mind that old Swiss adage, “If you see something on top of the Matterhorn with all the characteristics of an elephant, you don’t ask what it is but rather how it got there.”  For Earl Wunderli, that metaphor has been made flesh in