First LDS Missionaries to Hawaii Found It to Be Anything but Paradise

  Salt Lake City—The first Mormon missionaries to the Hawaiian Islands found themselves in for culture shock. Between confrontations with scantily clad and aggressive women, difficulties in learning the language, impatience with native habits, a flirtatious mission president, and infighting among one another, only the most stalwart of the American missionaries persevered. All of this

Life of a Mormon Apostle-Turned-Spiritualist Detailed in Diaries

Salt Lake City—When Amasa Lyman, an early convert to the Mormon Church, embarked on his first mission in 1832, he likely had little idea what the future held for him. He would participate in Zion’s Camp (a para-military march in Ohio), spend time in jail alongside Joseph Smith in Missouri, serve as an apostle inside

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ATTENTION MORMON HISTORY NERDS The latest review of Natural Born Seer by Benjamin Park is delightfully honest in identifying the book’s intended audience: Mormon history nerds. “Who, after reading classics in the field, are ready to make a deeper dive into Joseph Smith’s life. This is the Mormon history book for the Mormon history nerds.

Mormon News December 5-9

ELDER CHRISTOFFERSON SPEAKS AT LIBRARY OF CONGRESS The Library of Congress included rare copies of the Book of Mormon as part of its 2016 “America Reads” collection, which featured 65 books Americans identified as having “profound effect on American life.” On December 7, Elder D. Todd Christofferson addressed guests at an event celebrating the exhibit,

Mormon News November 14-18

In News MORMON REPUBLICANS RESPOND TO TRUMP VICTORY Ally Isom, former spokeswoman for Utah Governor Gary Herbert and current director of Family and Community Relations for the LDS Church, announced her intent to leave the Republican Party in response to Donald Trump’s electoral victory. In an open letter to the GOP, the former lifelong Republican

Mormon News November 7-11

The Aftermath CHURCH LEADERSHIP CONGRATULATES U.S. PRESIDENT-ELECT Several political and religious leaders responded to Tuesday’s election news with public messages directed at the new president-elect. While responses from Catholic leadership, Germany, and France ranged from tepid well-wishes to tentative endorsements, some leaders adopted a broader message of general support. Statements from Russia, China, and the

Mormon News October 17-21

In Non-Surprising News HACKED CLINTON EMAILS REVEAL ROMNEY OPPOSITION RESEARCH Short version? Romney remains awfully innocuous compared to the stale bag of Cheetos currently acting as the Republican nominee. Is it November 8 yet? How do you solve a problem like Mitt Romney? How do you beat a Mormon in the polls? Clinton’s hacked emails reveal

Mormon News, August 15–19

In the News LDS LOBBYIST JOINS AFFIRMATION Bill Evans, a former LDS Church lobbyist who pushed for the church’s interests in Utah’s capitol, has joined the board of Affirmation, an independent Mormon LGBTQ advocacy group. Evans met with members of Affirmation and other LGBTQ groups as part of his efforts to promote LDS Church beliefs, such as

Mormon News, August 1–5

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In the News MORMONS AND THE US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION Although Mitt Romney is not a candidate for the US Presidency this year, Mormons continue to figure prominently in some analyses of how the election will play out as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton square off. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, who has a real shot at

Mormon News, August 22–26

In the News CHURCH RESPONDS TO FORMER CONGRESSMAN Former US Congressman Tom Tancredo, a conservative Republican from Colorado, wrote a column for Breitbart on Saturday that accused LDS Church leadership of “moral incoherence” on the subject of immigration. Tancredo, a Donald Trump supporter, insisted that Mormon politicians in Washington, DC, acted at the behest of