Week in Review

Mormon News September 19-23

In the News CHURCH LEADER CONDEMS VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN In a UK conference titled “Religious Persecution: The Driver for Forced Migration” Elder Jeffery R. Holland joined humanitarians, religious leaders, scholars and government representatives at Windsor Castle in discussing the world-wide refugee crisis. The event was sponsored by the AMAR Foundation which assists refugees from the

Mormon News September 26-30

In the News CHURCH CONTRIBUTES TO SECULAR RELIGIOUS STUDIES PROGRAM Good news for Mormon Historians. On September 27 the LDS Church made a significant monetary contribution to Utah State’s Religious Studies program, where Phil Barlow is the Leonard Arrington Chair of Mormon History and Culture. The church contribution will allow for continued growth in the

Mormon News, April 11–15

The Salt Lake Tribune published extensive reporting this week detailing alleged sexual assault at BYU. Some of the victims say that after they reported a sex crime, they were targeted by the Honor Code office for violations ranging from breaking curfew to drug use. BYU spokespeople denied that the Honor Code office performs investigations based on reports of sexual assault, but the students and the Tribune’s reporting tell a...

Mormon News, April 13–17

A Mormon couple in a mixed orientation marriage were upset to learn that their names were included on a "friends of the court" brief asking the US Supreme Court to rule against gay marriage. LDS apostle D. Todd Christofferson quoted extensively from a letter written in 1943 by German theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer to offer support for traditional marriage. Jana Reiss offers a critique on modesty, in...

Mormon News, April 18–22

A week after reports alleged that BYU students who report sexual assaults were at risk for punishment by the Honor Code Office, the university said it will review its policies. The Salt Lake Tribune interviewed several women who said they were investigated by the school after they informed the BYU Title IX office that they had been sexually assaulted. The Tribune’s reporting garnered international attention and sparked a student...

Mormon News, April 20–24

L. Tom Perry, 92, of the Quorum of Twelve Apostles was diagnosed with thyroid cancer the same day Elder Richard Scott, 86, was hospitalized with internal bleeding. Perry will undergo radiation treatment for his cancer immediately, but his and Scott’s prognosis remains unclear. Elder Boyd K. Packer, president of the quorum and next in line to succeed Monson, has struggled with his own health in recent years and he...

Mormon News, April 25–29

Tyler Glenn, the lead singer of the popular group Neon Trees, released a music video this week that uses Mormon imagery to criticize the LDS Church’s anti-gay policies. Neon Trees formed in Provo and has rocketed to commercial success in recent years. Glenn came out as a gay Mormon in 2014 and has called himself a role model for other LGBTQ members of the church. But new interviews with...

Mormon News, April 27–May 1

No matter how you slice it, Mormons are the most likely demographic group to align themselves with the Republican Party in the United States. A new study conducted by the Pew Research Center shows that Mormons top all groups, whether categorized by religion, gender, age, sexual preference, ethnicity, race, or location. Mormons are 70% likely to identify as Republican, compared to only 22% who identify as Democrats.

Mormon News, April 4–8

After several tumultuous months for the LDS Church, including international coverage of a widely criticized policy change impacting LBGTQ members and their children, many members were predicting strong words during the April 2016 General Conference. Instead, it proved to be a traditional conference with a few stand-out talks and new temple announcements. One of the more eye-grabbing moments was a significantly shortened Saturday night Priesthood session that ran 90...

Mormon News, April 6–10

The annual General Conference of the LDS Church was held over Easter weekend and a few specific moments from the various sessions were highlighted by news outlets and on social media. First was Elder L. Tom Perry’s talk that warned against “counterfeit and alternative lifestyles,” widely seen as a denunciation of marriage equality and non-traditional families. The Human Rights Campaign, the United States’ largest LGBTQ civil rights organization, criticized...