Week in Review

Mormon News November 14-18

In News MORMON REPUBLICANS RESPOND TO TRUMP VICTORY Ally Isom, former spokeswoman for Utah Governor Gary Herbert and current director of Family and Community Relations for the LDS Church, announced her intent to leave the Republican Party in response to Donald Trump’s electoral victory. In an open letter to the GOP, the former lifelong Republican

Mormon News November 7-11

The Aftermath CHURCH LEADERSHIP CONGRATULATES U.S. PRESIDENT-ELECT Several political and religious leaders responded to Tuesday’s election news with public messages directed at the new president-elect. While responses from Catholic leadership, Germany, and France ranged from tepid well-wishes to tentative endorsements, some leaders adopted a broader message of general support. Statements from Russia, China, and the

Mormon News October 10-14

In Someday-the-Election-Will-End News: "Glenn Beck Endorses Hillary, Sort of." This week hell froze over, pigs flew above the Salt Lake Temple, and the moon turned a disturbing shade of red. Just kidding. But "The Church Tells Mormons How to Vote." "BYU Just Got More Expensive." And more.

Mormon News October 17-21

In Non-Surprising News HACKED CLINTON EMAILS REVEAL ROMNEY OPPOSITION RESEARCH Short version? Romney remains awfully innocuous compared to the stale bag of Cheetos currently acting as the Republican nominee. Is it November 8 yet? How do you solve a problem like Mitt Romney? How do you beat a Mormon in the polls? Clinton’s hacked emails reveal

Mormon News October 24-28

In News BYU CAMPUS NOW SAFER FOR WOMEN On October 26, BYU president Kevin J. Worthen announced that BYU will accept all 23 recommendations found in a newly completed report conducted by the Advisory Council on Campus Response to Sexual Assault. Five recommendations will be implemented immediately, including the complete separation of Honor Code and

Mormon News October 3-7

In the News EVERYONE HAS AN OPINION ON MORMON LEAKS When videos of private meetings with senior church officials hit the web last Sunday, even the most devout Mormons found themselves distracted during the morning session of General Conference. The videos provide a rare glimpse into the workings of church leadership, though many argue the

Mormon News October 31- November 4

In the News WHITE-NATIONALIST’S ROBOCALLS TARGET MCMULLIN Attempting to curtail the success of LDS third-party presidential candidate Evan McMullin, self-identified “white nationalist” William Daniel Johnson paid for a series of robocalls directed at Utah voters during the final days of the election. The message accused McMullin of being an “open-borders amnesty supporter” as well a “closeted

Mormon News September 19-23

In the News CHURCH LEADER CONDEMS VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN In a UK conference titled “Religious Persecution: The Driver for Forced Migration” Elder Jeffery R. Holland joined humanitarians, religious leaders, scholars and government representatives at Windsor Castle in discussing the world-wide refugee crisis. The event was sponsored by the AMAR Foundation which assists refugees from the

Mormon News September 26-30

In the News CHURCH CONTRIBUTES TO SECULAR RELIGIOUS STUDIES PROGRAM Good news for Mormon Historians. On September 27 the LDS Church made a significant monetary contribution to Utah State’s Religious Studies program, where Phil Barlow is the Leonard Arrington Chair of Mormon History and Culture. The church contribution will allow for continued growth in the

Mormon News, April 11–15

The Salt Lake Tribune published extensive reporting this week detailing alleged sexual assault at BYU. Some of the victims say that after they reported a sex crime, they were targeted by the Honor Code office for violations ranging from breaking curfew to drug use. BYU spokespeople denied that the Honor Code office performs investigations based on reports of sexual assault, but the students and the Tribune’s reporting tell a...