Two Signature Authors Win Book Awards

Association for Mormon LettersCongratulations to Jack Harrell and Marilyn Bushman-Carlton for winning book awards Saturday (Mar. 26) from the Association for Mormon Letters! The association gathered at the Utah Valley University Library for its annual two-day conference, and at its Saturday luncheon the awards were presented for the best works published in 2010.

Signature Books feels especially honored to represent two authors who were recognized this year for exceptional writing, Jack Harrell, who received the Award for Short Fiction for A Sense of Order and Other Stories and Marilyn Bushman-Carlton, who was given the Award for Poetry for Her Side of It: Poems.

At the two-day conference, Harrell’s book was discussed on Friday by Scott Cameron in a paper entitled “Revelation’s Disruption: The Need for Uncertainty in Jack Harrell’s A Sense of Order and Other Stories and Flannery O’Connor’s ‘Revelation.'” On Saturday Nancy Chaffin analyzed “‘The Other Women’: Polarity and Articulation” in the poetry of Marilyn Bushman-Carlton. Harrell spoke on Saturday about “meaning in Mormon fiction,” and he read from his book that evening at a reception for AML members hosted by Charlotte England at her home.