Culture Clash and Accommodation

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Public Schooling in Salt Lake City, 1890-1994

by Frederick S. Buchanan

Public Schooling in Salt Lake CityThis history was written as part of the public celebration of the 1990 centennial of the establishment of the public school system in Salt Lake City. It was not meant to be an exhaustive treatment of all aspects of public school development in the Salt Lake School District. My intent was to write a history which would communicate some understanding of how the schools came into being, the important changes that occurred and the issues and problems which were faced during the first century.

The time spent on researching and writing this book is my professional contribution as an historian of education to the history of my adopted city and state. It is also an expression of this Scottish emigrant’s gratitude for the many undreamed of opportunities which have come my way through my involvement in American education as a student, teacher, and professor.