Dialogues with Myself

Out of Print

Personal Essays on Mormon Experience

by Eugene England

DIALOGUES WITH MYSELF“The chances against this book’s ever being written are astronomical—you won’t find another like it. It says what is on everybody’s mind but nobody wants to talk about. Relentlessly honest, England asks us to take the plunge with him into icy and sometimes forbidding waters, and invariably we emerge on the other side feeling refreshed, invigorated, and glowing with a strong sense of testimony. How does he do it? By giving us experience all the way, instead of speculation and argument. He invites us to criticize to our heart’s content—but be sure to go all the way. For him, the Gospel demands dialogue in the manner of Abraham and Enoch, who dared to ask searching questions of the Lord and in reply got not reprimands but answers and blessings. His intensely personal reflections would be embarrassing if they did not always turn out to be the reader’s own. Always experience comes to the rescue, and the fact of existence itself silences the distant drum of entropy. A little learning is touchy, impetuous, and vain, but England is not going to let us off with a little learning.” —Hugh Nibley