Emeritus Staff

Connie DisneyConnie Disney (pictured here with grandson Gabrael) was born in Oregon, where her parents had a farm behind the Tillamook cheese factory. Later they relocated to California’s Central Valley. She attended the Church College of Hawaii and BYU where she studied art “and unfortunately never set foot inside a science class.” One summer was spent working on Mission Street in San Francisco for BART, “back when it was still a twinkle in its creator’s eye,” and (“sigh!”) selling Berkeley Barbs on weekends. She is the former art director for Sunstone magazine and is currently the production manager at Signature Books. She says she has “always loved books, especially how they look and feel in your hand and how they work … though some of ours look and feel better than others.” She art directs the Mormon Women’s Forum quarterly newsletter and spends weekends watercoloring with friends or having them over for a platter of steamed mussels and a bottle of Perrier. “When I grow up,” she says, “I want to be a blues musician.” She also likes traveling to Italy with her “husband and sweetheart” John Keahey, author of Venice against the Sea: A City Besieged. She says her heroes are her children Noel, Emmaly, and Sol, and grandchildren Gabe, Xana, and Vianne. Her “favorite bumper sticker” is: “My Karma Will Run Over Your Dogma.” Connie retired in 2013.


Tom KimballTom Kimball was born in Salt Lake City but raised in the blue-collar neighborhoods of West Valley. He entered the child labor force at age 13, riding his bicycle across town to work at a print shop. Having acquired “a taste for money,” he moved on to ever bigger and better jobs as a pizza delivery guy, a bellhop at the Salt Lake Hilton, and a producer of his brother’s community talk radio show. After an LDS mission to Birmingham, Alabama, he returned to the East to live in Fairfax, Virginia, to work for the federal government’s Security Protective Service just outside Washington, D.C. In Virginia he met his spouse, Page. Next came the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Georgia and a tour of duty in the Persian Gulf. Shortly after the first Gulf War, he took a related job with Rockwell International in Australia, where Tom’s and Page’s first two children were born in the outback town of Alice Springs. They “returned” to their ancestral roots in Utah where Tom began working at a book store. He then spent the next five years employed by several LDS-related bookstores. Tom has been the marketing director for Signature Books since 2001.