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The Diaries of Reed SmootChapter IV.
[The Winds of Change]

[Saturday Jany 6/12] I called on the President with Mrs J E Bamberger1 and daughter also W J Halloran, son and daughter. I arranged for invitation for all of them for the White house reception next Tuesday evening. Harold spent the day with them showing them the city. In the evening I took them all with McBeth of Payson Allie and Anne K to the Columbia theatre. We had our Auto freeze up and had to get Johnsons. We had them all to dinner. Unusually busy at office during the afternoon.

[Monday Jany 8/12] . . . Harry Joseph and wife arrived they leave on the 6:45 p m train. Talked over political situation at home. Received a long letter from President Smith and Penrose.

[Tuesday Jany 9/12] Congressman Taylor2 of Colo telephoned asking if I could get James H Moyle3 of Utah an invitation to the Reception at the White house tonight. I told him I would and did so and delivered it to Moyle at the Raleigh Hotel. Moyle called on me and said he was here to attend the Democratic Banquet held at the Raleigh Hotel last evening and the meeting of the Democratic National Committee. Also to assist the Wool Growers in securing protection in the proposed revision of the Wool Schedule by a Democratic House. I told him he could not assist in any way that I knew of. . . .

[Wednesday Jany 10/12] I am fifty years old today. Enjoying the best of health and still like hard work. Received a number of telegrams of congratulations and many from Senators and people around the capitol. Met Senator Borah at the office of Secy of Interior and with him discussed the contests of land entries around Rexburg and St. Anthony Idaho by professional land jumpers. . . .4

Smoot pushed Borah into investigating illegal land transactions.

[Sunday Jany 14/12] It was 7 degrees below zero early this morning. I was sick most of the night. Vomited a great deal and my bowels running off. Was very weak. I had to go to the office but could hardly stand. It moderated considerable but still very cold. Allie was very sick. Had a frightful headache. Had Harold, Alice and Mrs Nibley to dinner.

[Wednesday Jany 17/12] The first meeting of Public Lands was held since my appointment as Chairman. Had twelve members present. Discussed the question of legislation providing for leasing the Government lands containing oil, coal, gas, phosphate, Iron with 75% of gross receipts being paid to the State in which such leases are made. We did not reach a conclusion. Such a proposition will be bitterly fought. Had lunch with Crane and we talked over the attitude of Postmaster Hitchcock towards Pres Taft and his announcement favoring the Government ownership of telegraph lines. Pres Taft was not advised of his intention of making any such public statement. Held a meeting with Senators Williams,5 and Martin6 and Doctors Young and Welsh on the establishment of a Dept of Health. I told them I would not favor it and it could not pass. Williams was bitterly opposed to it and Martin agreed with me we could not pass such a measure. I told them I favored a bureau on enlargement of Marine Hospital Service. Bp Nibley arrived and stopped at Harolds.

[Sunday Jany 21/12] I went to the office and dictated a number of letters and looked over the mail. It is a beautiful day. After dinner went [on] a walk with Zella and Ernest through the park. Sen and Mrs Borah called in the evening. Held meeting. About forty present. Speakers were Geo C Parkinson, Jos Howell and myself. Had a splendid meeting.

[Tuesday Jany 25/12] The Post published an article stating that [senators] Penrose Crane and Smoot would open headquarters for Taft Campaign and more than likely have Hitchcock resign as Postmaster Genl and take charge. We have agreed to open headquarters but not to have Hitchcock take charge. C D Hilles will take charge if arrangements can be made to relieve him as Secy to the President. The article came from Sen Penrose and was unwise in my opinion. Senate adjourned until next Monday. I left Washington at 4.45 p m for Baltimore to attend the banquet of the Merchants and Mfgrs Asso of Baltimore held at the Emerson Hotel at 7 oclock. A special train was provided. . . . I was applauded greatly in speaking on the Business Outlook. It was after one oclock before programe was completed. Made a great many friends. The Gov made a good speech.

[Tuesday Jany 30/12] Attended meeting of Claims Committee. Had lunch with Crane and we discussed the opening of headquarters and it was thought best to leave Hilles with the President. Get some national character to take charge of headquarters and get some bright newspapermen to do the publicity work and have Hilles direct the work as much as possible. The whole day of the Senate was taken up in discussing the Bill creating a Childs Labor Bureau. . . .

Cold but clear. The ground hog saw his shadow. The Finance Committee met at 2 oclock. On my motion hearings begin next Tuesday morning on the Metal Schedule. I wired home to have some one here to testify on lead by 12th Feby if possible. Hearings on Printing Bill continued at 3:30 p.m. Allie and I went to dinner at Sen Cranes. About 15 there. Had a pleasant time. Uncle Joe Cannon and Sen Bob Taylor7 told a number of funny stories.

[Sunday Feby 4/12] Was at office until 1:30 P.M. Had a number of callers and looked over my mail. It was so cold we did not go out of the house after dinner. Meeting at 7.30. We had more present than we could get into the dining room. Speakers were a Bro Wooley returned missionary from Swiss and German Mission, John P Meakin and myself.

[Sunday Feby 11/12] I was awful tired this morning. Had not been in bed this past week until after midnight. Director Ralph telephoned me he thought the plate printers would ask me to compromise on printing backs of our currency. They hold a meeting of all the men today to decide. Was in the office until 2 oclock. Had to dinner Harold, Alice and Preston Richards. Went for a walk. Beautiful afternoon but cold.

[Tuesday Feby 13/12] . . . In the evening Allie and I attended a dinner at the White House given in honor of the Speaker. There were present 58 guests. Allie was at the left of the President with Senator Briggs.8 I was at the left of Mrs. Taft. I had as my partner Mrs. Levi P Morton.9 Had a pleasant time. Discussed the political situation with Mrs. Taft.

[Wednesday Feby 14/12] . . . In the evening Allie and I attended a dinner given by Miss Boardman. I took to dinner Mrs. Fairbank of Chicago. After dinner a large number of friends called. Ambassadore Reid and Genl Goethals were among dinner guests. Genl Goethals asked me to assist in securing legislation for Panama Canal. Sherwood makes an attack on my pension bill in the papers. I will get support for the bill from the National Tribune the GAR paper.

[Sunday Feby 18/12] I prepared a statement for the National Tribune the G A R paper on my pension bill adopted by Senate Committee on Pensions. Mr Mackleroy tells me the paper will indorse my bill. I held an interview with him and local representatives of the G A R the other day and explained the situation. Gave an interview for Oakland Tribune on Pres Taft. Had with us for dinner Congress[m]an Madden10 and Mabel his daughter also Critchlow, Alice and Harold. Meeting in evening. Speakers were Missionary Clark C M Houser and myself. Had two strangers present. Much warmer and raining.

[Monday Feby 19/12] John Q Critchow left for the South. He wanted me to become interested in the Cherokee Life Insurance Co of Georgia. He is working for that company and going to Central and South America to place some of its certificates. Hearings before Finance Com continued and I divided my time between the hearings of the Finance Com and the Appropriation Com. Sen Heyburn11 made a fool of himself in Senate today. I presided for a short time. Attended a dinner given by Senator Briggs. About twenty present. Quite a number of Mfgrs from New Jersey. . . .

[Wednesday Feby 21/12] Miserable damp and foggy day. Hearings at Finance and Appropriation Committees continued. I spent some time in polling Senate on Stevenson case. The National Tribune the official organ G A R had an endorsement of my position on Pension Bills. O B Stewart of Salt Lake arrived last evening. Came to protest against addition to the Caribou Forest Reserve of Idaho.12 My mail is getting larger each day and it is almost impossible to give it the necessary attention.

[Thursday Feby 22/12] Hearings continued before Finance and Appropriation Committees. Senator Kern read Washingtons farewell address to Senate. Pres Tafts message was also read and Senate adjourned until next Monday. Held a number of conferences with me interested in the tariff question. Was to attend a reception at Reuben Clarks but Mrs Clark was sick and reception postponed.

[Friday Feby 23/12] Divided my time between Finance and Appropriation Committee meetings. I dictated letters until nearly midnight. Answered a number of personal letters. Senator Cummins was disgusted with Roosevelt’s speech13 at Columbus on the 21st. Sen Lodge was disappointed but told me he would not agree with his position on Recall of Judges and judicial decisions.

[Sunday Feby 25/12] Was at office until 1:30. Looked over my mail. Beautiful day. After dinner went for a walk. Alice and Harold were with us to dinner. The baby is growing fine and is real cute. I was called up by phone a good many times asking me to express my opinion on Roosevelts statement to be made public tomorrow morning that he will accept the nomination for the office of President if offered him. I refused to express an opinion. I am not going to make a public statement criticizing Roosevelt.14

[Wednesday Feby 28/12] Hearings before Finance Committee continued. Had a number of laboring men before us. At one oclock held a meeting of the Public Lands Com. I reported favorably the bill granting preferential rights to entrymen on reservated land taken under the enlarged Homestead Act.15 Crane, Gallinger, and I took lunch in Cranes office. We discussed the political situation. We went to Whitehouse and held a conference with Pres Taft. The President has made up his mind to veto all Tariff Bills where a repo[r]t of the tariff Board has not been made. We discussed the Wool bill and I told him we would not support a rate less than 20¢ per pound on scoured pound or scoured wool content. Received a telegram that Ma Eldredge Chloe and baby left Salt Lake yesterday for Washington on the Los Angeles Limited. Will reach here Friday at 4:40 P.M.

[Thursday Feby 29/12] Wired Aunt Em Wells16 our greetings love and best wills for this her natal day. Attended meeting of sub Com of Appropriations and agreed upon the items in the District of Columbia Bills [that] added many items that [the] House cut out. Provided for the building of a cottage for the White girls reformatory school and changed the name to The National training School for girls. Sen Lodge made a speech on peace treaties. I gave notice that I would address the Senate next Monday on the Revision of the Printing laws.

[Saturday Mar 2/12] I reached office early and dictated letters until one oclock. Senate at 2 oclock. I told Senator Martin Democratic leader that if this investigation of Republican Senators was to continue I would see that investigations were made of a few democratic Senators. The Governor of West Virginia had filed charges against the Senior Senator of Mo. and the Junior Senator Mr. Kern made charges against the Senior Senator of Indiana claiming the Breweries had purchased his election. Had a talk with Senator [Elihu] Root [of New York] on the same subject. While we were talking Sen Martin came over and we discussed the question and Martin was quite excited and protested against the investigation program for political purposes and would do what he could to stop them. Mrs N M Hamilton arrived this morning. We all went over to Harolds in the evening.

[Sunday Mar 3/12] Was at the office until 2 oclock P.M. Mr. Beer and Ulman of New York called and discussed the plans furnished by Andrews of N. Y. for the State Capitol Building and I wired Gov Spry on the matter. I had Reuben J. Clark of State Department call at the office and we discussed the Mexican situation. Very critical for our people in Mexico and I sent a long cipher message to President Smith. After dinner we took Mrs Hamilton for a visit to the Zoo and an Auto ride. She left for home at 6:45 p m. Meeting was held as usual but I excused myself and asked Congressman [Joseph] Howell to take charge as I promised to attend the banquet at the Knight’s of Momus [sic] mostly workers in the Government printing office. I was one of the speakers. We did not adjourn until 2.30 a m. Had to walk home. It was snowing. Among other speakers were Representatives Kahn, Findley, Sherwood, Murdock, Wilson, McDermot etc. The printers gave a splendid burlesque of the proceedings of the House of Representatives. Few songs.

[Tuesday Mar 5/12] . . . Senate spent day in discussing Peace treaties. President Taft asked me to lunch tomorrow at 1:30 and bring Judge Ailshie of Idaho. I suggested to the President to ask the Judge to lunch with him at the suggestion of Judge Budge. Bp Spaulding of Salt Lake17 took dinner with us and we discussed the Mormon belief most of the time. At 7.45 P M I took him in company with Harold to the epipheny Episcopal church as he was to lecture at that church this evening. Harold and I decided to attend the church meeting and hear him. He spoke of the West and people. He stated the chief characteristics of the people of the West were Optimistic Enthusiasm. 2nd Misdirected Loyalty. 3rd Unconscious Hypocracy. 4th Lack of Education. This applied to the eastern man sent there to manage eastern capital invested there as well as to the Mormon people. Nothing but religion can change it. The Mormon religion beginning with the personality of God is wrong and never has produced one scholar. He did not mention polygamy.

[Wednesday Mar 6/12] Early this morning the doctor at Sibley Hospital telephoned that Ada Huggins was very low and wanted me to call and see her after breakfast. I went with Harold and Allie to the Hospital and found Ada near deaths door. We blessed her. She was operated on yesterday and had to undergo another one this morning. She never rallied from the second operation . . .

[Monday Mar 11/12] Ex Gov Brady of Idaho called on me in behalf of Judge Standrod. Standrod is indicted for using the U S mails for fraudulent purposes. He explained the party Stanrod took in the land company. Was going to see the President and wanted me to go with him. I will look over the papers today. A number of the Chemical people called on me. . . .

[Wednesday Mar 13/12] With Ex Governor Brady of Idaho met the President at the White House at nine oclock. We presented the Standrod case to him and he will have a further investigation made of it. Public Lands Committee meeting and my bill creating A National Park Service was considered but final action not taken. . . .

[Friday Mar 15/12] My office was filled with callers every minute I was there. Attended Finance Committee hearings. Presented two land bills to Senate. Pensions were discussed in Senate today. Held a conference with General Blue to consider the changing of the name of the Public Health and National Quarentine to the United States Public Health Service and confer upon it additional power and consolidation all Public Health agencies of the Government into it. We agreed upon the points and I will present a bill in a few days. . . .

[Sunday Mar 24/12] Was at the office until 2 oclock. Dictated letters for three hours. A number of callers. Dinner at 3 oclock. Went for a ride with Chloe and Baby. The baby is so smart and a great big boy. He creeps all over the room. Beginning to speak a few words. Jos Howell and wife spent the evening with us. We discussed the political situation home and I have about concluded it will be a good thing for [Congressman] Howell to make a trip home to size the situation up there and get parties working together. Sent Loose a night telegram.

[Monday Mar 25/12] Met Geo Sutherland and talked political conditions at home over with him. He was not sure whether it was necessary for Howell to go home or not. He thinks Anderson18 overdraws conditions and so do I but it would be a good thing to see if so. . . . He wanted all Sugars from 96.0 to 100.00 to come in at 1.50 per hundred with 20% Cuban Sugar. This would virtually reduce the preferential granted Cuba and that is what he wants. I am afraid it will cause trouble. We meet again tomorrow. It is virtually the same protection to the American producer as I propose for I propose 1.50 for 96.0 but 1.65 for 100.00. The preconvention fight is growing warmer and I am afraid it will have the effect of hurting the chances of Republican success at the election this fall.

[Tuesday Mar 26/12] . . . I received letters from Ed Callister and Chas M Morris giving a most gloomy political outlook. Howell was at House in the evening and I told him I concluded he should go out home and straighten things out.

[Wednesday Mar 27/12] . . . Sen Sutherland agreed that Howell ought to go home to check up the political situation as reported by Callister, Anderson, A L Thomas and Chas M Morris. They all charge Gov Spry as false to me as well as others. I cannot believe the reports.

[Saturday Mar 30/11 [sic]] . . . Ex Governor Bates of Mass[achusetts] spoke against the Owen bill. He represents the organization known as Medical Freedom and the Christian Scientists. He spoke for over two hours. Wired to parties in Idaho to send Taft delegation. Purchased from the Columbia a gra[m]aphone for the children. It was a large one. Table style priced at $150. Took Ma for an auto ride. It has been a beautiful day. Jos Howell left for home to get parties together for coming election. There is a bitter feeling between Callister, Anderson and Gov Spry. I want Howell to check up the situation. The letters received from Callister, Hull Morris and Anderson are discouraging.

[Sunday Mar 31/12] A most beautiful day. I was at office until 2 oclock. Visited the Cochran Art gallery. Had dinner at 4 oclock. Went a walk with Chloe and baby. Dictated letters to Gov Spry and Ed Loose telling them of Jos Howells visit home and asking them to assist him in getting all Republicans together for coming campaign. Most all of the people were out walking or riding. Had a number of callers.

[Tuesday Apr 2/12] Attended the hearings on Sugar. Senate convened at 2 oclock. We had the negro question up for discussion on the Bill for the celebration of the Semi centennial Anniversary of the Act of Emancipation. The two new Senators from Arizona and two from New Mexico were sworn in and then drew lots as to length of terms. Result was Senator Catron19 of New Mexico and Ashurst20 of Arizona serves until 1917. Sen Smith21 of Arizona until 1915 and Senator Fall22 of New Mexico until 1913. The New Mexico Senators are Republicans and Arizona Senators are democrats. . . .

[Wednesday Apr 3/12] Had a conference with the President requesting him to instruct the officer in charge at El Paso Texas to allow arms and ammunition to enter Mexico for the Mormon colonies. I explained to him the conditions as they existed in Mexico and read him a number of telegrams. Mr Oran P Brown had undertaken to smuggle arms and ammunition but they were seized by Gene Steever. The President told me he would release them and give orders to allow the same to be taken into Mexico. I was to see the Secy of War to have him prepare the order etc. . . .

[Thursday Apr 4/12] Met Thos R Cutler at office and discussed sugar situation with him. He will be a witness next Monday. He left for New York. I took Ma Eldredge, Allie, Chloe and baby to see the President. They visited the White House. . . . I presented the question of release of arms and ammunition for our colonies to Secy Stimson23 as requested by the President. He thought the State Dept ought to pass on order of release. He would take it up with President at once. He did so and Secy Hilles ask me to let him know to whom to instruct Col Steever to deliver arms to and take them into Canada [Mexico]. R G Clark thought it was dangerous to do so now so I asked that the matter go over until tomorrow and I telegraphed Pres Smith the situations as seen by R G Clark, and I agreed with him. Senate took up the calender. Had a large number of callers.

[Sunday Apr 7/12] Glen Eldredge son of Clarence Eldredge called last evening with a young Mr. Ashton. Glen has been out as a missionary for 16 mos will stop with us for a few days. Ashton is on his way home from a mission to Belgium. Was at the office until 2 oclock. Had Harold, Alice, baby, and Glen to dinner. Took Ma Eldredge out for a Sun auto ride through the park. It rained most of the day. Held meeting in the evening. Bro Hall brought his wife and daughter to meeting. The wife looks like a very cross and disagreeable woman. She has no religion. The have been separated for a number of years. The speakers were Preston Richards, Bro Ashton and myself. Had a fine meeting.

[Monday Apr 8/12] I took Ma Eldredge, Allie, Chloe and baby Reed Smoot Cardon to call on the President. The President took the baby and remarked what a fine baby he was. I called his attention to the four generations. The President kissed the baby and wished him all kinds of good luck. We had him sit in the President’s chair in the cabinet room. Baby was cute as he could be. The Washington Times and Star had quite a report of our visit. . . .

[Wednesday Apr 10/12] . . . Spent considerable time discussing my bill creating a Bureau of National Parks. Agreed to let it go over until next Wednesday and have the Secy of Int before the Committee to explain why he wants certain employees named in his list of employees required to maintain the Bureau. Chloe and baby, Ma and Anne K left for home on Penn Ry at 6:45 P.M. Home was awful lonesome without them. Received a number of letters about newspaper reports on Baby Reed Smoot Cardon’s visit to the President.

[Friday Apr 12/12] . . . R G Clark of the State Dept called and we discussed the situation of our people in Mexico and advised me of action to take to get arms and ammunition to our colonies in Mexico so as to avoid future complications with the Mexico administration in case they were successful in the present revolution. . . .

[Sunday Apr 14/12] Went to the office at 10 oclock and worked until 2 oclock. Sent a telegram to President Smith regarding the serious and critical situation in Mexico. Held a conference with R G Clark of State Department and we agreed it was best to ask Mexican Government to allow a shipment of . . . arms and ammunition to our colonies. I dictated letter to the Secy of State along that line. Went for an auto ride after dinner. Allie and I called on Mr and Mrs Elinor and Senator and Mrs Sutherland. Prof Schoenfeld called and spent the evening. We discussed the Mormon religion and our early history.

[Monday Apr 15/12] The Mexican situation is still more critical and it is almost certain that we will have to intervene. The Secy of State wired for permit to ship into Mexico to our colonies 50 Rifles and 20,000 cartridges as I requested yesterday. I also asked Secy of War to instructed Col Steever at El Paso Texas to release the rifles and cartridges seized by him 20 days ago and deliver them to Shelton and Payne arms Co. Wired to O.P. Brown on same subject. . . . Extra editions of Papers were issued announcing a horrible accident to the new passenger boat in the world and making her initial trip.24 Struck an iceberg at about 1200 miles from New York. Reported boat sank taking with it some 1500 passengers and crew. About 700 rescued mostly women and children. Among the number drowned was Capt. Arch Butt aid to Pres Taft, Brother of Sam Guggenheim and many other men of world wide reputation.

[Tuesday Apr 16/12] The morning papers give no hope of the passengers on the Titanic. Those that were rescued were taken from the life Boats. A gloom is cast over the whole country. Very few men saved. The boat sank four hours after striking the iceberg. The boat Carpathia was the one to reach the place of disaster first. She rescued 868 persons mostly women and children. Attended hearings before Finance Com. Senate at 12 oclock. Sen Sutherland spoke for more than two hours. Sen Crane feels blue over Taft’s chances to receive the nomination. The President gave orders to allow arms and ammunition to be sent to our colonies in Mexico. I wired details to President Smith.

[Friday Apr 19/12] Had a number of early callers. . . . Congressman Howell reported the result of his visit home for the purpose of getting our Republican workers together, particularly Gov Spry, E H Callister, Jas H Anderson, Tom Hull etc. He did all he could and secured the aid of Loose, Nibley and others but not altogether successful. The boys have worked up a feeling among themselves that seems almost impossible to overcome. The feeling is directed against Gov Spry and I think unjustly. . . .

[Saturday Apr 20/12] I have suffered with a severe headache all day. I called on Secy Knox and we talked over the Mexican situation and the critical condition [of] the Mormon people. We talked over the political situation and the danger Taft was in for receiving the nomination. It looks as if Roosevelt will win out. Nebraska and Oregon voted for him yesterday. If Taft looses Mass he cannot be elected. Sen Crane is doing every thing in his power to have it go for Taft. I called on Secy of War Stimson and Genl Wood and had them release the rifles and ammunition that Col Steever seized as they were being smuggled into Mexico for our colonies. They were turned over to the Treasury Dept. by wire. The Secy and Genl Wood were very blue over the situation and expected trouble. The plans for a campaign of battle is already mapped out in case we have to intervene. I called on Curtis of Treas Dept. and asked him to release the rifles and ammunition seized and allowed them to be taken to our people as to do so would save them.

[Sunday Apr 21/12] Was at the office until two oclock. Dictated a number of personal letters. Harold and Alice was with us to dinner. Went for a walk instead of ride. Meeting in the evening. Not very many present. Howell and Harold Smoot were the speakers. Cloudy most of day. At all the churches services were held in honor of the dead of the Titanic. The disaster has caused gloom all over the country.

[Thursday Apr 25/12] These are strenuous days politically. Pres Taft makes three speeches in Mass today and attacks Roosevelt and answers Roosevelts charges against his administration. We had politics in the Senate, started by Bristow complaining of action of the Administration on Harvester trust resolution of yesterday. Sen John Williams25 made a speech remarkable in some particulars and rejoiced in the split in the Republican party. Roosevelt was criticized severly. Wired about Mexican situation to Pres Smith. The Mexican Government to allow shipment of arms and ammunition to the Mormon colonies [but] fear they will fall in the hands of the Rebels. If we can assure the President that they will not he will consent t[o] the Mexican Gov’s approval and so notify them through our Ambassador.

[Friday Apr 26/12] . . . The speech made by Pres Taft at Boston Mass last night was published in full and a great many senators approved of it heartily. There never was a hotter campaign in Mass than is now on between Taft and Roosevelt. The result in Mass will almost decide the Rep nominee. The Conservative people of the country are worried over the situation and fear Roosevelt’s nomination. Both Democrats and Republicans are worried as shown in Smiths discussion yesterday. Senate in session but a short time. The Titanic hearings still going on.

[Saturday Apr 27/12] No session of Senate today. Roosevelt made a bitter attack upon Pres Taft in a number of speeches in Mass today. Result cannot be anything but harm. . . .

[Sunday Apr 28/11] Was at office until 2 oclock. Dictated a number of letters and looked over the mail. After dinner went for a walk through zoo and then for an auto ride. Beautiful day.

[Monday Apr 29/12] . . . Sen Works26 spoke for nearly three hours against the Owen Bill or rather for Christian Science religion. A general feeling of regret among Republicans for the controversy between Pres Taft and Roosevelt. Many are saying both should be denied the nomination and some other republican agreed upon.

[Wednesday May 8/12] . . . The Associated Press sent out a dispatch from Boston to the effect that Mrs Louisa Brittain had made an affidavit that Rev Clarence V Richeson the Baptist Minister who killed a young woman and was sentenced to death was a Mormon elder and she was a celestial wife of an elder in charge of the Eastern States Mission. I telephoned to New York and the office advised me that Richeson was not a member, never had been all of which I know and that Mr Brittain had been one but was cut out off the church for improper conduct. I made a statement for the Asso Press denying the statement and they sent it out to the newspapers. The Attorney of Richeson also denounces the affidavit.

[Friday May 10/12] Held a conference with President Taft. Talked over the political situation and the President was still hopeful of receiving the nomination. We received word that Idaho was lost to Taft. The Mormon Counties mostly voted for Roosevelt. Geo C Parkinson arrived and was surprised at results in Oneida County. It looks as if Idaho went by default. . . .

[Tuesday May 14/12] Received a telegram from C A Glazier that Madell McCornick27 was at Provo and opened headquarters at the Roberts Hotel for Roosevelt and was doing everything to control the convention. Roosevelt is fighting for an uninstructed delegation. It is my opinion he will fail. The Agricultural Appropriation bill was further discussed but not passed. Bitter campaign between Taft and Roosevelt is raging in Ohio and primaries are being held in California. . . .

[Thursday May 23/12] I did not sleep well last night. I have been under a severe strain for last two weeks or more. . . .

[Wednesday May 29/12] Roosevelt carried New Jersey with a large majority. . . . Met the President at 4 oclock and we talked over the political situation and agreed to hold a meeting of Republican Senators favorable to him and map out a program for work at Chicago. The president was feeling fairly well. He still thinks he will be nominated at Chicago. Has votes enough pledge[d] but some may get away. Took Allie and the children to the theater to see the Fortune Hunter.

[Thursday May 30/12] . . . I wired Geo H. Brimhall best wishes for BYU. The Maeser Memorial Building will be presented to the BY University today.

[Sunday June 2/12] I was at office until 2 oclock. . . . Not enough came to hold meeting in the evening. Went for a ride to get cooled off during the afternoon.

[Friday June 7/12] Still cool weather. Dictated letters most of the morning. Finished my speech on the chemical schedule. Reported Ed Loose was robbed in Chicago the other evening while at the theatre. I received from President a fine Photo of himself and the following written on it in his own handwriting—”For my warm and constant friend, Hon Reed Smoot, US Senate with grateful appreciation and best wishes.” June 6th 1912. Wm. H Taft.

[Sunday June 9/12] . . . at 10:05 A M I left Washington with Allie, Zella and Ernest for Annapolis over electric road. The morning was an ideal one. Cool and clear. On arrival at Annapolis we were met by Levi Pearson and son of Capt W S Benson. As I was leaving the car I was met by a messenger from the Telephone Co Telling me my son at Washington had a telegram he wanted to read to me. I went to the telephone and called up my home at Washington and Alice answered the phone. She said Harold and Bp Nibley left at 11:05 A M for Annapolis with the telegram. It was from Dr RT Richards stating that it was his opinion that Anne K28 should be operated upon and wanted our consent. Harold and the Bishop arrived at 1:15 P.M. Handed me the telegram and they returned to Washington as the Bp left for home at 5:30 P.m. We met Mrs Benson and Mrs Pearson at landing boat and left for the Battleship Utah at near 2 oclock. The Utah was out about 5 1/2 miles. Was met by Capt Benson on arrival at battleship. Had lunch and after lunch visited every part of the ship. The Utah is the best ship in the world in commission. The Captain gave me a full description of the presentation of the platter to the ship by Mis Mason of New York Mrs Allen of Salt Lake and Mrs Owen and others. He was firm in prevent ing them from reading papers attacking the Mormon church. He stated when they were refused they were full of venom and threatened his removal. He witnessed some of the bitter opposition to the Mormon people. We left the ship at 5:20 PM and left Annapolis at 6:10 PM and arrived home at 8:05 P.M. Wired Dr Richards to operate on Anne K if necessary or advisable.

[Monday June 10/12] Received a telegram saying the Doctor would operate on Anne K unless he heard from me to the contrary today. . . . Received telegram that Dr Richards had operated on Anne K and it was very successful. She was resting fine and no bad effects. A number of Republicans met in Sen Gallingers office and discussed the situation of the Rep party and effect of the fight between Taft and Roosevelt upon it. It was thought it would be best for the party if it could be arranged to have them both withdraw and another man nominated. This cannot be accomplished with an agreement before convention or a deadlock at convention. The future looks anything but reassuring.

[Thursday June 13/12] . . . I called President Taft. . . . We discussed the Political situation over and legislative program. Asked him to send Capt W S Benson of Utah his photo similar to the one he sent me. Another day of useless talk in the Senate. Cool weather again. Held a conference with Cummins.29 I advised him to go to Chicago so as to be on the ground in case a deadlock occured at Chicago. I told him he stood a good chance for the nomination in case there was a deadlock. He told me how he stood on most of the public questions and if he was nominated would recognize all Republicans whether regulars or insurgents.30

[Monday June 17/12] Arrived in Chicago at 2 oclock P.M. Went direct to Lexington Hotel. Found the Utah delegation there. After washing and changing clothes I had a long talk with C E Loose, Gov Spry and Ed Callister. The question as to what the State Instructions for Taft really meant was the question mostly discussed. Ed Loose is a Roosevelt man and he claims he is not bound to vote for seating Taft delegates or even for Taft as President as there was fraud in the election of some of the delegates. He has already voted as Nat[ional] Committee man to seat Roosevelt contesting delegates and will not change his vote. I spoke for some time and expressed the opinion that technically he was bound to use all honorable means to secure Taft nomination but the instructions did not bind him on any vote outside of a vote on the nomination of Taft. I requested him to vote for President Taft and stated he was in honor bound to do so. I also requested him not to bolt the convention. He promised me to vote for Taft and not to bolt. At 4 oclock the Delegates and alternates met in my room at the hotel and we organized the delegates. . . .

[Tuesday June 18/12] I called on Sen Crane early in morning and we talked over the situation. The Roosevelt people are wild with enthusiasm and trying to stampede delegates to his bandwagon. Many charges of improper use of money and the purchase of southern votes. . . . Roosevelt making all kind of charges of theft and corruption. In a meeting last evening he charged the party as corrupt and dominated by bosses chief among them were Crane Penrose and myself.31 . . .I suggested in council meeting tonight that if things should happen that Taft should not receive the nomination that our ticket should be Root and Hadley. . . .32

[Wednesday June 19/12] Attended a meeting with Crane, Penrose and Root and Watson at nine oclock. Checked up the situation. The Roosevelt men talking of bolting and delegations voting to do so. Very bitter feeling. The threats made are for intimidation. We will pay not attention to them. Roosevelt followers are enthusiastic and he is holding large meetings. The vote yesterday was a great disappointment to them and the votes of today demonstrated the Taft men are not going to break him. Roosevelt cannot win and a great deal of talk of compromise candidate to save the party. . . .

[Friday June 21/12] Roosevelt announced that he will organize a new party. A great deal of talk among delegates about a compromise candidate. At council meeting the resolutions were discussed and C W Fairbanks33 the chairman was present. We agreed not to have a woman sufferage plank and agreed upon the tariff plank and in it was included my suggestions. Bitter feeling characterized the day. . . .

[Saturday June 22/12] I am getting awful tired. I have had very little sleep since coming to the convention. The Roosevelt men refused to vote. It was late in afternoon before the final report of Credential Committee was passed on. At no time did the Taft men lose control of the convention. The temporary organization was made the permanent one. Mr. Harding34 of Ohio made a masterly nominating speech in presenting the name of Pres Taft. Great demonstration. His delivery was very excellent. Sen Cummins name was not presented. La Follette was nominated by a young Wisconsin man in a speech filled with bitterness. John Wannemaker35 and Nicholas Murray Butler36 seconded the nomination of Pres Taft. . . . J S Sherman was nominated for Vice President and balance of business of convention done with very few delegates present. It was a remarkable convention and there is a crisis in the history of the Republican party. Roosevelt has called his men together and they have named him as candidate for President for the New party to be organized in August next. . . . La Follette had no influence in the convention. A feeling of sorrow pervaded the convention but it is considered a victory for Law, order and the constitution. The Republican party is saved even if it gets defeated at this fall election. Pres Lund37 attended todays session.

[Sunday June 23/12] The Utah delegates and alternates held a meeting this morning and discussed the coming campaign. Most of the Utah people attended church this morning. The speakers were Pres Lund, Gov Spry and myself. I occupied most of the time as Lund and Spry spoke one week ago. Jos Howell opened with prayer. I took the Penn train for Washington at 5:30 P.M. The train was packed and had to be made up in two sections. Sen Sutherland, Sen Root, Mrs Corbin and Miss Patten were in the same car as I was. Also a number of Congressmen. The result of the convention was the sole topic of conversation. I was very tired and went to bed early.

[Monday June 24/12] The train ran a little behind time most of the day but arrived [in] Washington only one half hour late. Borah of Idaho was on the train. He is a very dis appointed man. He told me how he could have defeated Sen Root as temporary chairman. He claims to have had Iowa, Montana and 4 of the Louisiana delegations pledged to him besides all that voted for McGovern. This is only a claim. In my opinion the result would have been the same if Roosevelt had of run [or] Borah.38 Roosevelt wants to join with the progressive Democrats in making his new party. A large number of delegates to the Democratic convention at Baltimore were on our train. Received a telegram that Allie arrived home ok.

[Tuesday June 25/12] I found my desk covered with unanswered letters and telegrams. I called on President Taft and gave him an account of the Chicago convention and assisted him in making out a list for him to ask to a dinner as soon as the [members] of the National Committee reach Washington. The campaign will be discussed after the dinner. Worked the balance of the day dictating letters. Had a great many callers. Bryan39 was defeated at the Democratic Convention today. John Barrett told me it was pitiful to see the disrespect shown him. He was not badly beaten by the vote. . . .

[Wednesday June 26/12] I sent a telegram the first thing to Brownie as he is to be married today. . . .

[Thursday June 27/12] Senate was in session for a few minutes. Adjourned until next Monday. Received a telegram from Allie telling me Apostle Talmage married Brownie and Anita yesterday and that Anne K was not so well. Harold and VanWagoner went to Baltimore to the Democratic convention. Bryan will no doubt dictate the nomination. Received settlement purchase and sale of the 25 one thousand[-dollar] Bonds of the Braden Copper Co. Clear[ed] 9200.00 on the deal. Sent check to Provo Coml and Savings Bank for my credit.

[Sunday June 30/12] Spent the morning at the office. Great excitement over deadlock at Democratic convention and ill feeling between candidates. Many and especially the Clark40 men cursing Mr. Bryan. . .

[Tuesday July 2/12] Gov Spry arrived here from New York. We called on President Taft and talked over Chicago Convention. President was feeling fine. Asked Gov Spry to take lunch with him at 1.30 pm also myself. . . . The Democratic Convention nominated Woodrow Wilson for President and adjourned until 9 p.m. They met and nominated Gov Marshall of Indiana for Vice President. Great Demonstration. Bitter feeling among delegates.

[Thursday July 4/12] A very quiet fourth of July and a very warm day. I spent the morning at the office and many of the Utah boys called. Se[n]t all the help off for the day. Had a cold lunch. At six oclock Senator Crane called and we went for an auto ride. I was awful lonesome. At seven oclock I took Mrs Sutherland to dinner at the New Willard. After dinner we went to the roof garden and watched the fireworks. The roof was crowded. The night was perfect and it was cool.

[Friday July 5/12] Received a telegram from O P Brown from El Paso Texas giving an account of the murder by the Mexican rebels of Wm Brown. I took the question up with the State Dept and they wired our Ambassador and the Consul at Chihuahua of same and handed me copies. I wired Pres Smith and O P Brown. The Naval Appropriation Bill passed the Senate.

[Wednesday July 10/12] Took the Mexican situation up with State Dept the first thing and had telegrams sent to our Ambassador at Mexico City and Consul at Nogales. Wired Pres Smith the substance of the telegram. Our people in Mexico in a very critical situation. Senate met at 10 oclock. . . .

[Saturday July 13/12] Senate at 10 oclock. Lorimer continued his remarks and concluded shortly before 1 oclock. He made a remarkable speech and it looked as if it was effective but when the vote was taken Senators who were moved to tears voted against him. . . . The vote was 55 against him and 28 for him. I am sure the ones voting for him will feel better than the ones voting against him. The case is a peculiar one. A conspiracy against him to drive him from public life by the Newspapers of Chicago. Public clamor has claimed another victim.

[Sunday July 28/12] . . . Received a telegram from Pres Lund about the moving of our people out of Mexico and arms taken from them by the Mexican rebels.

[Monday July 29/12] The press dispatches carried an account of our people being unarmed and leaving Mexico for El Paso Texas. I took the question with the State Dept and the Secy of State immediately brought it to the attention of the President of Mexico. Sen Fall and myself prepared a resolution authorizing Government relief to our colonies on arriving at El Paso and furnishing them with tents. It passed the Senate with unanimous consent. The situation in Mexico is very critical. It is my opinion that Genl Orozer has made up his mind to force American intervention even if it requires the murdering of a large number of Americans. . . .

[Wednesday July 31/12] . . . Some two thousand of the Mormon people had left their homes in Mexico and now at El Paso Texas. Went for a ride with Crane. Too cool to ride with out wraps.

[Thursday Aug 1/12] . . . The Mexican situation is very critical. About 2000 of the Mormon people have arrived already at El Paso Texas from Mexico. Assisted in securing the passage of a resolution appropriating 20,000.00 to assist the American citizens now at El Paso driven from Mexico to rations, and the use of tents of the Army. Went to bed early.

[Friday Aug 2/12] I called on the Secy of the Interior41 in relation to the appointment of Thurber as Indian Agent at White Rock Agency.42 Found he was related to the Rock hill boys who are running a blind pig and store near the reservation. The Secy objects to his appointment. We had some words over the Indian Commissioner Valentine’s interference and his determination to have a man from outside of Utah appointed. Valentine was present and I gave him to understand he was not going to name the man. . . . I prepared a resolution appropriati[ng] 100,000.00 to provide transportation for American citizens driven out of Mexico and now located at El Paso Texas to places each may select. After some talk with Sens Martin and Bailey it was decided that Bailey should offer the resolution as it had direct reference to a condition in Mexico. I agreed to that and Bailey offered it and Senate passed it. . . . Went with the Sutherlands to dinner at Harvey’s then to the Columbia Theatre. I left theatre at 10.20 to fill an appointment at the White House. The President called in Secy of Interior Fisher, Secy of War Stimsons Secy of Treasurer McVeagh. Senators Root, Crane and myself and Congressmen Payne and Hill also Hilles met Chairman and Emery of Tariff Board. The question discussed was whether the President should send a special message to Congress suggesting amendments to the La Follette Wool Bill and if made he would sign it. Each on present expressed his opinion. The advise to the President came from the three above named cabinet offices, all three free traders. Crane, Payne Hill and myself were bitterly opposed to any such program. The conferees had already agreed up a report. It would do no good but upset the Manufacturer and be resented by him. He can say what he wants to in his veto message. The President decided to follow our advice. Sen Root at first was undecided but finally agreed with us. After midnight before I reached home.

[Monday Aug 5/12] Senate met at 10 oclock. We are trying to push in the Senate business so as to adjourn by Aug 15. Sent a night telegram to Allie as she is 49 years old. Telegram was as follows: “I send greetings, love and kisses to my little wife on her fortyninth birthday. Long may she live and happiness be hers. I will be with you as soon as possible. Love to all at home.” After close of session I went for a ride with Wm Alden Smith and then went to Hancocks for a chicken dinner. The National Progressive Party or Bull Moose party convention held in Chicago today.

[Tuesday Aug 6/12] Received a letter from Allie telling me of her experiences while coming from Woods Cross to Salt Lake in an auto driven by James Eldredge. The auto run over a small boy and killed him. Mrs Eldredge, Mrs Thatckel and Allie were in the auto. Mrs Eldredge fainted and so did Allie. Jas Eldredge was held as not to blame. . . . I appeared before the Military Committee of the House to present the reasons why the Senate Resolution appropriat[ed] 1,000,000.00 for transportation of Americans forced out of Mexico. I gave the committee a full history of our people being driven out of Mexico and their present condition. Roosevelt delivered his speech in National Progressive Party Convention today at Chicago. A very radical speech but will please many of the people.

[Wednesday Aug 7/12] . . . Roosevelt and Hiram Johnson of Cal was nominated President and Vice President respectively at Chicago at the Progressive Party convention. The Democrats are still worried over the effect of Roosevelt’s campaign. Woodrow Wilson was notified of his [Roosevelt’s] nomination and his [Roosevelt’s] reply was a great disappointment to the Democrats. After adjournment I went home with Crane and from there he sent me home in his auto. The Resolution appropriating 1,000,000.00 for transporting of American citizens driven from Mexico. This will help our people to get away from El Paso.

[Friday Aug 16/12] I called on the President and extended to him an invitation to attend the Irrigation Congress at Salt lake City Aug 27 to 31. It was impossible for the President to accept so I wired to Gov Spry. President Taft asked me to poll the Senate and let him know if he vetos the Legislative Appropriation Bill if it reached him again with the abolishment of the Commerce Court the Senate would sustain his Veto. I polled the Senate and reported to the President that it was impossible to over-ride his veto. The Veto message of the President of the Wool and Metal Bills were sustained by the Senate.

[Saturday Aug 17/12] Called at the White House and asked the President to write a letter of greeting to the Trans Mississippi Congress to be held at Salt Lake City Aug 27 [t]o 30th. He said he would do so. . . .

[Monday Aug 19/12] Was at the office early. Had a number of callers. . . . I received a telegram from Harold advising me that Jesse Knight was organizing a $300,000.00 Bank at Provo [and] was selling at 320,000.00. Wanted to know if he should buy. I answered him I would not borrow money to buy the stock. Asked him to see Farrer or Loose and ask them to report results of the new organization on the Provo Coml & Savings etc. . . . I pleaded for the $10,000.00 appropriation for the International Irrigation Congress to be held latter part of Sept at Salt Lake City. I had to go over to the house and get James Mann43 to withdraw his objection to the passage of my bill authorizing Agriculture enters on withdrawn oil and gas lands in the State of Utah. He did so and the bill passed.

[Saturday Aug 24/12] I had my trunk taken to the Depot and arranged for Sleeper ticket to home on Penn Ry to night at 6:45 P.M. Senate met at 11 oclock. Had Sen Root, Heyburn and others discuss a bill changing the Code during the morning hour thus preventing Borah’s bill for Dept. of Labor being acted upon. . . . We took a recess shortly after 4 oclock until 6 oclock and at 6 oclock until 8:30 P.M. Conferees of Senate reported agreement could not be reached on certain State claims. La Follette object[ed] to my request to consider the Bills to which there was no objection and I moved to consider them not withstanding his objection and that developed no voting quorum in the city as I knew it would. . . . We remained in Session until 4.30 A M Sunday morning. It was humiliating as a Senator of the U.S. to see the drunken condition of Senator Chamberlain44 of Oregon. Williams of Miss45 and Stone of Mo.46 Chamberlain was in the worse condition, the other two are quite often in the same condition. . . .

[Sunday Aug 25/12] I tried to sleep this morning but could not do so. Had a headache. Went to the office at 9:30 A.M. selected what papers I wanted to take home with me. . . .

[Thursday Aug 29/12] Had a better nights rest. Weather quite cool and raining most of the morning. Arrived at Ogden at 2 oclock P M. Met a number of Ogden men at Depot. Joe Eldredge and LeRoy Armstrong rode with me to Salt Lake City. We talked over the political situation and gave Armstrong an interview for the Ogden Examiner. Allie was at Depot to meet me. Arrived at 3:25 P M. After, taking a bath and changing my clothes I walked up to the Presidents office and met all the presidency and a number of the twelve. The Board of Trustees of the BYU was in session. I went with Allie to Chloe and Harold [who] are living in the same flat at 1st Street and H. Both are comfortably located. We left for Provo on the Rio Grande at 7 oclock. Found children fairly well. Anne K was not very strong. Had a number of callers.

[Saturday Aug 31/12] . . . The political situation mixed and many are dissatisfied for one thing or another. . . .

[Sunday Sept 1/12] Attended Meeting at the Temple beginning at 10 oclock. A W Ivins spoke of the Mexican situation and I followed him on the same subject. I defended the attitude of Pres. Taft and his administration as did Ivins. I deprecated the remarks of some four people criticising Pres Taft for not intervening. My remarks were well taken as a rule. Pres. Smith was not present he having gone to Joseph to attend Quarterly Conference there. . . .

[Monday Sept 2/12] . . . Had a talk with Jesse Knight about starting another Bank. I explained to him why I thought there was not room for another Commercial Bank and suggested that he take an interest with the Provo Com’l and Savings and if he decided to start a bank in Salt Lake I would take interest in it. It soon developed he had up his mind to start a bank. He claims it is to help the “people.” Same old cry there are other reasons. The main one is to hurt the Provo Com’l Bank, the Bank that has treated him as no other bank in this country would.47 Jesse asked me to go with him to see his tunnel being run into the Mountain between Provo & Springville. He expects to cut a vein of ore. . . .

[Tuesday Sept 3/12] Allie and I went to Salt Lake City on Rio Grande. I called on Senator Sutherland. Made an appointment with him and Gov Spry to take lunch at the Alta Club at 1 oclock. At lunch was discussed the political situation and plans for coming State Convention. It was thought wise to have Glen Miller as State Chairman and John Lynch is County chairman if he would serve. At 2 oclock attended a meeting of the directors of the Herald Republican. The paper is growing and making a little money. We decided to sell the old Wells Fargo property as it would cost too much to make the necessary changes to accomodate the paper. Met Mr. Nutt and Mr. Nunn and discussed the electrical power situation and particularly the purchase of the local lighting plants. Mr. Nutt is head of the syndicate that has purchased the Telluride Power Co and has options on the Knight Power Co and the Davis and Weber Power Co. If fact the combination intends to control all the electric power in the State if possible. We talked of selling plant at Provo and Mr Nunn suggested a price of 350,000.00 This is more than it is worth and I will sell for much less. I will sell the Idaho plant too.48 I called to see Jackling as he telephoned he wanted to see me. He told me of the purchase of the power companies. They would all be owned by the one Co. He would be President Wanted to buy the local distributing plants. Wanted me to act as a director. Also wants Pres Smith as a director Wants to buy out David Eccles and I will go with him next Tuesday to Ogden to see if we can make the purchase. Wanted me to take some of the stock and at same price as promoters. Made arrangements to go to morrow morning to Provo with Nutt and Nunn to look over Olmstead plant in Provo Canyon. Brownie came with Anita to Ma’s.

[Wednesday Sept 4/12] . . . Had a conference with Ed Loose and discussed whether we wanted to sell the Electric Co’s business and the Control of the Provo Com’l and Savings Bk to Jesse Knight or allow him to start another bank. Ed was writing to sell the Electric Co’s business but was not in favor of selling the control of the Bank. He preferred to make the fight if Knight wanted to. He would do as I wished in the matter. I will call the directors together in a few days and present the matter to them. I decided to go to Salt Lake City on Rio Grande train No 3 but it was so late I did not go. Very cool today and this evening.

[Thursday Sept 5/12] Went to Salt Lake City on the San Pedro Ry. Went direct to meeting at the temple. There were present the Presidency and Lyman, Smoot, Richards Whitney McKay Ivins and Jos F Smith Jr. I prayed in opening and Jos F Jr in the circle. The Mexican situation was considered and it was the sentiment of Pres Smith after a statement made by me that conditions would be unsettled in Mexico for years to come and if our people could get their losses paid it would be best for them to abandon their homes in Mexico. I recommended that the claims of the Mormon people be made through the State Dept and in the same way and at the same time as claims of other Americans are made. This on account of the agreement made between our colonies and the Mexican Government at the time they first went to Mexico. The agreement was they were not [t]o rely on protection from the United States and all claim should be made through the Mexico Government. My opinion is the Mexican Gov will insist upon this when claims are made by the Mormon colonies. I reported my work since leaving last November. We did not adjourn until after 3 oclock. I went to the Republican State Convention held at the Salt Lake Theatre. The place was packed. It was a good natural and enthusiastic Convention. Did not adjourn until nearly midnight. I was very tired. . . . John McAllister offered me the Presidency of the Sheep and Cattle men’s bank to begin business within a few months. The capital is to be 500,000.00 They expect to locate the Bank in the Building occupied by the Wells Fargo & Co Bank. I refused the offer.

[Friday Sept 6/12] . . . There are a few sore places left from disappointed candidates of yesterday. Ed. Callister and James H Anderson are sulking and will do nothing. Susa Y Gates the same. They are opposed to Gov Spry. Went to lunch with Bp Nibley. He was pleased with the ticket with exception of David Mattson. . . . Held a conference with Nunn and Mr. Nutt and tried to agree upon a price for the Electric Co’s plant at Provo. We did not reach an agreement. Mr. Nutt offered 150,000.00. Mr. Nunn asks 250,000.00. I am willing to take 200,000.00. Brownie Smoot sold Mr Nutt the plant at Preston, Idaho for 30,000.00. He will make about 5000.00 over and above cost. I let Brownie do the trading.

[Sunday Sept 8/12] Chloe and baby came for a rest. Babe has been real poorly for last two weeks. Grover Rebentish came down from Salt Lake City to see Anne K. They have been keeping company for nearly two years. I went to meeting at 2 oclock at the Tabernacle and spoke for about 40 minutes. In the evening Grover Rebentish asked Allie and I for Anne K. We had a talk as to his future plans as to his past life and I believe he has been a clean moral young man. We gave our consent. Anne K seemed to be happy. . . .

[Monday Sept 9/12] . . . Held a meeting of the Directors of the Provo Coml and Savings Bank and I presented to them what Knight had told me about starting up another bank or two in Provo. Asked them if they were willing to sell the control of the Bank to Knight and if so I thought he would buy it. All agreed not to do so and would not listen to it. Jesse Knight will next want to divide the Western Construction Co outfit. . . .49

[Wednesday Sept 11/12] Was busy at bank with my mail. Baby is much better and Chloe and baby returned to Salt Lake in afternoon. Allie went with her. I went to Salt Lake on San Pedro Ry. Met Nunn and Nutt. Mr. Nunn stated he had agreed to sell all the local electric light permits including Provo if agreeable to me. We were to receive 175,000.00 for Provo plant. I was not satisfied with that price and told Nutt I wanted 200,000.00. We finally agreed on 200,000.00, 15,000.00 to be paid down and balance Oct. 15th. We to pay all accounts owing by the Company and have all cash on hand as of August 31st. I had dinner at the Utah Hotel with Nunn and a number of the boys. . . .50

[Friday Sept 13/12] Today the Third party calling themselves Progressives or Bull Mooser met in Convention at Ogden and nominated a state ticket. Nephi L Morris as Governor, C E Loose and Lewis Larsen of Manti for Congress. The Convention and ticket made up mostly of distinguished republicans. Col Roosevelt the chief Bull Mooser arrived at Ogden in afternoon and spoke to a great crowd of people. Same old song that Taft had stolen his election. . . .

[Saturday Sept 14/12] Allie, Zella and myself took Rio Grande 8 oclock train for Provo. Was crowded with business all day. Dictated letters between callers. The 3rd party men are very enthusiastic and think they will defeat the Republican party in the State and that is their greatest desire.

[Monday Sept 16/12] Spent most of the day answering letters and paying local bills. In the evening a number of friends called to tell Allie good bye as she leaves Provo tomorrow on her way to Washington.

[Tuesday Sept 17/12] We were married 28 years ago at Logan. . . . Ma Eldredge had all my family and her own with her two sisters to dinner. We had a very pleasant evening. We had Harold Eldredge and wife sing, all danced and I spoke to them for twenty minutes. She did have a fine dinner.

[Sunday Sept 22/12] Attended the Breakfast at 9:30 A M given by the Commercial Club in honor of Secy [of War Henry L.] Stimson. The speakers were Gov Spry Judge C C Goodwin51 who was so poorly he could not finish what he intended to say, He lost his mind, O W Powers52 the Secy and myself. The subject discussed was making Fort Douglas a Brigade post and the reasons for it. After breakfast I took the party to the tabernacle calling for the ladies at the Hotel and listened to an organ recital, one of the best I ever heard. The party all went up to the Choir stand. I introduced them to Prof McClellan and he played for some time longer showing them the wonderful variety of organ stops he has. At one oclock we drove around the city returned to the Hotel at 2 oclock. I had lunch with the Secretarys party including Gov Spry and wife. After lunch I took Mrs Stimson Miss Gamble and Senator Sutherland on an Auto ride about 20 miles up Parleys Canyon. In the evening attended the Musical at the Utah Hotel with the party. The party left for Yellowstone Park on midnight train. They all had a delightful visit. Had much praise for Utah.

[Tuesday Sept 24/12] Took breakfast at the Hotel Roberts. . . . Called on Jacklin and talked over the situation of the strike at Bingham.53 He thinks the State troops ought to be called out at once and drive the strikers out of the State and protect the men who want to go to work. I saw the Governor and he tells me no violence has been committed by the men and the county officers have made no request for assistance from the State. The situation is serious. Had lunch at the Commercial Club with the Gov and we talked over the coming campaign. He feels positive that the State will go Republican notwithstanding the Bull Moose movement. Sen Sutherland and I called on Pres Smith and discussed the political situation. Pres Smith said the time had come when we ought to defend the constitution and I advised against the fads and isms being preached as progressive doctrines. He agreed with the Administrations Mexican policy. I looked over the recent land Laws as I speak on them next Monday at the Irrigation Congress.

[Wednesday Sept 25/12] Dictated a number of letters. Visited the Republican headquarters and agreed with Henry Gardner that E D Woolley should withdraw from the ticket as a Presidential elector as he was a polygamist and if the election was close his election would be contested. Pres Smith agreed he should do so. I stopped at 216 East. The folks all went to the theatre but me.

[Thursday Sept 26/12] Was at office long enough to get off several telegrams and answer a few letters. Was at the meeting of the Presidency and Twelve at 10:30. Jas E Talmage prayed in the opening and O F Whitney in circle. President Smith spoke of our duty in sustaining the Constitution and Law and order and suggested that the members of the Quorum speak of it in their visits among the Stakes and at the coming Conference. I met Gov Spry and Geo T Odell54 and we discussed politics a little. Geo T wants to go to Congress and may make the race two years hence. I suggested that he get acquainted with the leading Republicans all over the State. I went to Provo on the No 4 Rio Grande train.

[Saturday Sept 28/12] Pres Smith’s letter in the Era [magazine] endorsing the Administration of Pres Taft has created a lot of political talk especially among the democrats. The leaders of the Democrats and Bull Moosers expected to make a great deal of political capital out of the Mexican situation. Pres Smiths article will no doubt check that. Was busy at the office answering mail and prepared my notes for speech next Monday at Irrigation Congress. Was at Republican Headquarters.

[Monday Sept 30/12] The opening of the 20th International Irrigation Congress at the Tabernacle at 10 oclock. The Tabernacle was filled. The exercises were most interesting. . . . The Tabernacle and the principle streets of the City are beautifully decorated. The afternoon session of Congress was held at the Assembly Hall at 2.30 I was the first speaker and allowed 30 minutes but at end of thirty minutes was asked by Convention to proceed. I spoke for another 30 minutes. My subject was the “Liberalizing of our Land Laws.” I was congratulated on my speech by many. Other speakers were B H Roberts, S B Young,55 and Barstow of Kansas. In the evening there was the largest and most brilliant and unique parade ever seen in Salt Lake City. I never saw the streets of Salt Lake so crowded. At 10 oclock I attended the reception at the Commercial Club to meet the delegates of the Irrigation Congress. Met many people from different parts of the State and intermountain country.

[Tuesday Oct 1/12] The Quorum of Twelve was to meet but on account of Pres Lyman being called to Tooele on Court matters it was postponed until tomorrow. . . .

[Wednesday Oct 2/12] Was at office early and dictated a number of letters. Went to Quorum meeting at 10 oclock. All present but Clawson and Richards. Each one present spoke reporting his labors in general for last three months. We did not get through until 4 oclock. I went to fair with the Gov and wife. We met at the fair Pres Smith and Pres Penrose and wife. After looking at the races for a short time Pres McDonald invited us to dinner. He had prepared a fine dinner. There was also present at Dinner Ed Callister and Henry Gardner. The cattle and horses were brought out and were looked at by us. Some fine horses. After the fair Pres Smith asked me to go with him to the Colonial Theatre to see the play “The Man from Home.” It was slaughtered.

[Thursday Oct 3/12] The meeting of the Presidency and twelve was held at 10.30. The Presidency 10 of the Quorum and Patriarch were present. A great deal of discussion over recommendation of Pres Lyman for a change in the Presidency of Eastern States Mission, California Mission and the Sandwich Island Mission. Pres Smith defended all the present Presidents. The sacrament was partaken of. In the evening a dance and reception were given at the Utah Hotel by the Com’l Club in honor of the officers of the Irrigation Congress. A great crowd present and all seemed to be enjoying themselves.

[Friday Oct 4/12] First day of Conference. Meeting at Tabernacle at 10 oclock. . . . The speakers were Pres Smith and Pres Lund. Most of the time occupied by Pres Smith. He defended the action of our Gov and Pres Taft in the administration of Mexican affairs and spoke of the duty it was of the latter day [saints] to support the Constitution.56 Many of our democratic and Bull Moosers did not like it. Afternoon session was held at 2 oclock. Speakers were Chas H Hart, Jos McMurrin, R S Wells and Golden Kimball of the 70s. Golden Kimball made a very foolish speech.57 After the afternoon meeting I met with the Presidency and a number of the men in charge of the Mexican situation and we discussed what best to do. I wired the Secy of State of the looting and assaults now being made at Colonial Juarez by the rebels with seemingly no notice taken of their action by the Federal troops. It is very doubtful that the claims for lost property of our colonists can be made through our Government on account of an agreement between them and the Mexican Government. . . .

[Saturday Oct 5/12] . . . B H Roberts made a speech no doubt intended as an answer to the opening speech of Pres Smith and his Era article.58 Just before close of Meeting Pres Smith referred to it and then punctured it completely. . . .59

[Sunday Oct 6/12] . . . The speakers at the morning session were Pres Penrose and O F Whitney. Penrose60 completely answered Roberts and did it in a splendid way. Afternoon session was addressed by Geo A Smith. Hy G Smith Jr J. E Talmage and closing remarks by Pres Smith. Bro Talmage gave Roberts a rap also.61 It is generally conceded that Roberts was sat upon for his speech yesterday morning. The music during the Conference was fine. Great crowds present. People well satisfied but some of the Democrats were displeased. Wired E D Woolley to send his resignation as Elector on Republican ticket at once. Chloe is quite sick.

[Monday Oct 7/12] Received telegram from E D Woolley resigning from Ticket as Presidential elector. The State Control Committee met and appointed M H Walker in place of Woolley. I met at the temple at 10 oclock with the Quorum of Twelve and Mission Presidents. Listened to reports of conditions in the Missionary fields of the United States and Mexico. Bro Pratt Pres Mexican Mission wants to continue the Mexican Mission and also desires more elders. The general Mission work is in a prosperous shape. Bro Lyman told the Mission Presidents they were to assist in maintaining the Liahona or Elders Journal and not expect the members of the Quorum to furnish the editorials or act as subscription agents. This question was brought up on account of a letter received by him from Jos A McRae the editor of the Liahona. Attended stock holders meeting of the Herald Republican. Report shows a gain of about 15,000.00 for past year. In the evening I attended a reception given at the Bishops Building by the Presidency of the Church to Presidents of Stakes and Missions. About three hundred persons present. Had music and speaking. Light refreshments were served. A very pleasant evening was spent.

[Tuesday Oct 8/12] The meeting of the Quorum of the Twelve with the Mission Presidents [continued] . . . I attended the General Priesthood meeting in the Assembly Hall. President Smith again spoke of the conditions in Mexico and also mentioned the good work I had done in Washington and how pleased he was with my being in the Senate. No doubt some of the Democrats will take exception to it. After the meeting with the Mission Presidents I attended a directors meeting of the Guardian Casualty Co. A 3% Dividend was declared. Business in fair condition. Then attended a meeting at the Presidents office with about six of the twelve, the leading men of our people in Mexico. The situation was gone over in detail. Bro Bentley62 wanted our people to return [to Mexico] and considered it safe. He was a Mexican citizen. Had two families. Spoke in highest terms of the treatment accorded him by the Mexicans. The others from Mexico did not agree with him. It was decided that any of our people desiring to return could do so but it was on their own responsibility. They were at liberty to go back or locate in the United States. The Church would assist them as far as possible in either case. Many of the families are polygamists families.

[Thursday Oct 10/12] . . . I went to meeting at Temple all present of 1st Presidency and Quorum of Twelve and Patriarch but Richards and Clawson. Pres Smith prayed in opening and Lund in circle. No special business was acted upon with exception of the approval of a letter of the Presidency giving their views as to the future action to be taken by our people that have been driven out of Mexico. . . .

[Friday Oct 11/12] Left for Provo on Rio Grande. At 8 oclock A.M. Spent most of the morning with callers and after noon preparing notes for my speech this evening. A Republican Rally was held at the Opera house at 8 oclock P.M. The house was filled and music was furnished by the Brass Band and Ladies Quartet. The first speaker was Heber C Iverson. He occupied about 25 minutes. I spoke for nearly two hours and with great power. Had the closest attention. People were standing during the whole evening. At close of my speech many came on the stage to congratulate me. Several said it was the best political speech they had ever heard. My speech was the opening [of] the Republican Campaign.

[Sunday Oct 13/12] Rested a great part of the day. Very tired and a little hoarse from speaking. In the afternoon drove around town and looked at some building lots. I want to help Chloe and Harold get themselves a home.

[Monday Oct 14/12] Left for Provo on the R G at 8 oclock. Dictated a great many letters and had an unusual number of callers. Attended a meeting of the Executive Committee of the B Y U at which it was agreed to build an amusement hall for the University. . . . Theodore Roosevelt was shot at Milwaukee Wis by a man named Schrank. Was not considered serious. Roosevelt filled his engagement to speak after it occurred.

[Thursday Oct 17/12] I left for Salt Lake City on San Pedro Train at 8:45 A M. On arrival went to our weekly meeting at the Temple. All present that were last week. Geo F Richards reported a little better. Grant prayed in opening and Ivins in circle. Ivins63 was appointed to go at once to Mexico and arrange if possible for the remittance of the taxes on the Mormon people’s property that have been driven from their homes. I was appointed to attend the Woodruff Conference. I do not see how I can go. In the evening I went to Jas E Talmage’s home. There were present Pres Smith and also nine of the Apostles with their wives, R W Young Pres of Stake with Jos Wells his counsellor. After light lunch Pres Smith dedicated his home64 and Pres Lund and Lyman offered a few remarks. Talmage bought the Teasdale home on cor[ner] of C St and 1st Ave.

[Friday Oct 18/12] I left for Provo on Rio Grande on arrival went direct to the Bank. Guy S Eldredge came down and tells me the Bank at Tacoma has made a demand for the payment of his note of 5000.00 that I endorsed for him. I had to raise the money for him as I expected I would have to. Met with a number of the business men of Provo and the Representatives of the people who are going to build the Inter-urban Railroad from Payson to Salt Lake to see where the line was going to run in Provo. They had planned to run it from present depot north to 5th South St east to 5th West North to Center St East to Academy Ave North to B Y U University. I explained to them if it was business they wanted that route would not be satisfactory and suggested they put their depot on 5th South and Academy Ave. Run from present Union depot north to 5th So east to Academy Ave North to University and their through train West on 5th Ave and north on 5th West. They thought it was the proper thing to do. The East and West end fight is up again. They also wanted an exclusive franchise or at least none other granted until they had their road well underway. I would not agree to this and so told them. There are other parties asking for a franchise. Jesse Knight, Ed Loose, W Ray, R R Irvine Jr. John Farrer S H Belmont, Wm M Roylance were present. I took dinner with Ed Loose and slept at his home. Most beautiful weather.

[Thursday Oct 24/12] I left Ogden at 8:15 A M for Salt Lake City. Attended the meeting at Temple at 10:30. Jos F Jr prayed in opening and Lyman in circle. We got through and adjourned by 12:15 the first time for many many months. We generally hold until 2 or three oclock. . . .

[Tuesday Oct 29/12] . . . Left for Logan on O S Line Ry at 4:30 p.m. Did not arrive at Logan until 9 oclock. Went direct to Rally held in the Nibley Hall and spoke for one hour and half. I stopped at the Lincoln Hotel, the one I stopped at the time Allie and I were married in 1884. Stormy night.

[Friday Nov 1/12] I was feeling poorly all day long. I needed to rest some but could not do so. A large rally was held at the Salt Lake Theatre. The house was filled. The music was good. The speakers were Gov Spry, Dr. Scofield and myself. I was suffering from a headache and with the fever I had my throat was dry and it was hard to talk. The rally was a good one.

[Saturday Nov 2/12] I left for Provo on Rio Grande at 8 oclock am. Was not well and during the day was sick at my stomach and had a severe headache. I had to cancel my date to speak at Mapleton and Springville. Ed Loose took me to his home and doctored me up. It was a great disappointment to the managers of campaign. I sent word to the people the reason I could not attend the rallies.

[Sunday Nov 3/12] The Democrats seem very confident of carrying the State. The State Chairman of Republican party Henry Gardner seems more than confident. . . . Had dinner at Chloes. I told Harold and Chloe I would purchase each of them a building lot and give them 5000.00 towards building a home. I was not feeling well.

[Monday Nov 4/12] . . . The Democrats and Bull Moosers are putting out some scurrilous campaign literature mostly directed against me. They are very bitter this campaign. I left for Provo on Rio Grande 4:50 pm train. I stopped at Maggie Dusenberry’s.65 Attended the reception given by the Ladies Republican Club. . . .

[Tuesday Nov 5/12] The weather cleared and fine day over head for election in Utah. No great excitement in Provo. The voting very quiet. The racket will begin tonight. I attended to a lot of private business. Paid my local bills and taxes. Subscribed for $40,000.00 of ten yr 6% Gold notes of Utah Securities Corporation 30% first installment. I left for Salt Lake City on 4:20 pm San Pedro train. Called on J C Jackling with L. Holbrook and delivered to him drafts for 30% payment on Gold notes above mention. Ed Loose subscribed for 25,000.00 and Holbrook for 10,000.00. The election returns gave Wilson the election early in the evening and knew it would. Roosevelt ran stronger than I thought he would. Carried more states than Taft. Utah State Republican ticket elected and Taft carried the state. I do not believe Wilson’s popular vote will be as large as Bryan’s four years ago yet he will have the largest electoral vote of any President for a long time. The Bull Moosers did not defeat the Republican party in Utah as they did in nearly all Republican States. It was impossible for the party to win in the nation divided as it was.

[Wednesday Nov 6/12] The Democrats are disappointed in not carrying Utah. They thought sure the Bull Moosers would secure enough votes to defeat the Rep party in the State as they did in the nation. . . . I deposited at the bank $8000.00 for Chloe to buy her a lot and build her a home and $5000.00 for Harold to build him a home. . . . The returns show Taft carried Utah by about 15,000 votes. Every person on the State ticket was elected. The Democrats are claiming that the leaders of the Democratic party are going to start an investigation of the State of Utah and clean out the office holders and stop what they term Church interference in politics. . . .

[Thursday Nov 7/12] . . . O F Whitney prayed in the opening and I prayed in the circle. I opposed the Church advancing $40,000.00 on B F Grant’s dry farm located in Juab Co. with a privilege of redeeming it in one year. This is to allow Heber J. Grant to pay what he is owing the Church and only partially secured. I prefer the Implement Co stock to the Dry farm of B F Grant. I met with Pres Smith and Heber J. later in the day and gave my reasons. I believe Pres Smith will take the same position.

[Saturday Nov 9/12] . . . In the evening I went to dinner with Pres Smith and wife Edna to Susa Y Gates. We spent a pleasant evening. Lulu66 sang a few songs. Pres Smith gave her a blessing before leaving for Germany to persue her musical career.

[Friday Nov 15/12] I called on President67 this morning. . . . We talked over the recent election and the future polity of the Republican party. He felt fine over his defeat and expressed himself as pleased that Roosevelt was not elected for if he had succeeded our Government by the Constitution would have become in danger. . . . Socialism in its worse form would have been put in force. He asked me to see if possible that the electoral vote of Utah be not cast for Geo Hadley of Mo. and suggested it be given to a man like Murray Butler of New York. I will write to each of our electors. . . .

[Tuesday Nov 19/12] I called on Dr. Clayton at 9:45 am. He made an examination of me from head to toe. Found me perfectly sound. Blood pressure as strong as a man of twenty years. My kidney affected by nervousness brought on by over work. Told me I had to go slower and take a rest. Will make an examination of my water later. His ordinary test showed my water alright. . . .

[Thursday Nov 21/12] . . . Fred Dubois was out in an interview in the Post this morning claiming the Democrats were defeated in Idaho by Mormon votes dictated to and directed by the President of the Church. I asked Addison Smith to put an interview in tomorrow’s post denying the statement. . . .

[Tuesday Nov 26/12] . . . The democrats and Insurgents are trying to get together on the election of a President Protempore of the Senate next week and an understanding of committee appointments when Democrats control the Senate. I doubt whether an agreement can be reached and if it is it will not help the cause of the Insurgents of so called progressives. All the Insurgent Senators with exception of Poindexter have returned their biographies and name themselves as Republicans. . . .

[Thursday Dec 5/12] . . . Senator K I Perky68 the new senator from Idaho told me he wanted a confidential talk with me very soon. He intimated there was a move on foot for an investigation of the Mormon Church.

[Friday Dec 6/12] Received word from home that David Eccles dropped dead last evening from heart failure in Salt Lake City. . . .

[Tuesday Dec 10/12] Had a delegation of ladies call on me with a request that I accept the position of Vice President of a Suffrage organization and support a bill introduced in the House by Congressman French69 of Idaho. I refused to do so. . . .

[Wednesday Dec 11/12] . . . I attended a small dinner party given by Senator Root at the Metropolitan Club. There were present at the dinner Sens. Root, Lodge, Crane, Sutherland, also Ambassador Tower, Nicholas Murray Butler and Secy of War Stimson. After dinner was over we discussed the recent election and the best way to proceed to strengthen the party for the future. Many suggestions were offered and finally decided we should have other meetings in the future. Roosevelt no doubt has decided to continue his fight against the party. . . .

[Thursday Dec 12/12] . . . After Senate adjourned I went home and at 7:45 with Allie called for Senator and Mrs. Curtis70 and we went to a dinner at the White House given by President and Mrs Taft in honor of the cabinet members. There were about 80 present. The table in the dining room was arranged in Horseshoe form. The flowers were beautiful. The ladies dresses were beautiful and every one had a most pleasant evening. It is stated that the invited guests were the close personal friends of the President. Mrs Taft asked me to go with her in the East room (shortly after dinner) and we talked over the results of recent election and the President’s contemplated trip to Panama. Mrs Taft is looking a little better than last fall but she is far from being well.

[Sunday Dec 15/12] . . . We began our meetings at 7 oclock. There were present about 45 people. We appointed a committee to arrange for holiday entertainments for the Utah people. President Richards was appointed Supt of our Sunday School to be started as soon as possible. Speakers were Jos Howell, Bro Vandyke a missionary and myself.

[Saturday Dec 28/12] Sen Sutherland and I called on the Secy of Interior71 and asked him to appoint Mr Thurber of Sp[anish] Fork as Indian Agent at White rocks. He made all manner of excuses and wanted more time to investigate. I asked him why he did not be honest with himself and us and said what he no doubt had made up his mind not to appoint a Utah man. I told him I did not propose to ask him again and he could appoint Mr Martin or any other man he saw fit and let him arrange for extension of time for Water filings of Indians and many other questions to settle. I informed him that every man in Utah was not dishonest. I left him not feeling very well. . . .



1. Wife of Julian Bamberger, son of future governor of the state of Utah, Simon Bamberger (1916-20).

2. Democratic representative Edward Thomas Taylor (1858-1941) of Colorado, well-known for getting the Taylor Grazing Act of 1934 passed during the New Deal. In reality, Utah congressman Don C. Colton (1920-32) was the author but could never muster enough support from Republicans (including Smoot) to pass the bill. Taylor took up the task after Colton’s loss in 1932.

3. Moyle and Smoot were cool toward each other. On a number of occasions Moyle went through third parties to obtain favors from Smoot as he felt awkward in making personal requests.

4. This interest in Borah’s territory was for the Mormons flooding into St. Anthony, Ashton, Rigby, and Sugar-Salem after the turn of the century. Rexburg was well-established by Mormon colonists in the 1880s, with farming their primary livelihood.

5. Democratic senator John Sharp Williams (1854-1932) of Mississippi.

6. Democratic senator Thomas Staples Martin (1847-1919) of Virginia.

7. Democratic senator Robert Love Taylor (1850-1912) of Tennessee.

8. Republican senator Frank Obadiah Briggs (1851-1913) of New Jersey.

9. Wife of former Republican representative Levi Parsons Morton (1824-1920) of New York and later vice-president under Benjamin Harrison.

10. Republican representative Martin Barnaby Madden (1855-1928) of Illinois.

11. Republican senator Weldon Brinton Heyburn (1852-1912) of Idaho.

12. Environmental concerns resulted in legislation to protect the national forests, this one on the Idaho-Wyoming border, causing conflict with livestock-mining interests.

13. Theodore Roosevelt, running again for the presidency, delivered a strident speech in Columbus, Ohio, that alienated many of the wavering conservatives. Most analysts agree that this was a major campaign faux pas. See William Henry Harbaugh, Power and Responsibility: The Life and Times of Theodore Roosevelt (New York: Farrer, Strauss and Cudahy, 1961), 419-22.

14. Smoot agonized over Roosevelt’s candidacy. He knew he had to support Taft on principle, but the friendship and assistance extended by Roosevelt during the Smoot Hearings could never be repaid. Smoot was therefore hard-pressed to publicly hurt or criticize his erstwhile friend.

15. This was a boon for many in eastern Utah in the Duchesne, Roosevelt, and Vernal areas.

16. Emmeline Wells (1818-1921) was a close friend, and this was her eighty-fourth birthday. Wells was an advocate of women’s rights and attended national and international women’s conventions. At the time she was serving as the fifth president of the LDS women’s Relief Society.

17. Episcopal bishop Franklin S. Spalding was involved earlier with civic improvement leagues in Salt Lake City and later wrote a polemic against Mormons in 1913 entitled Joseph Smith as Translator.

18. James S. Anderson’s correspondence to Smoot over the years seemed to corroborate Sutherland’s observation.

19. Thomas Benton Catron (1840-1921).

20. Henry Fountain Ashurst (1874-1962).

21. Marcus Aurelius Smith (1851-1924).

22. Albert Bacon Fall (1861-1944).

23. Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson.

24. The Titanic.

25. Democratic senator John Sharp Williams (1854-1932) of Mississippi.

26. Republican senator John Downey Works (1847-1928) of California.

27. Daughter of Salt Lake City banker William S. McCornick.

28. Anne K. suffered a number of serious health problems, all of which paled in comparison to her later mental illness that gave the Smoots distress for the remainder of her short life.

29. Republican senator Albert Baird Cummins (1850-1926) of Iowa.

30. Cummins had been campaigning officially in recent months but unofficially for some time. Smoot was never disposed to support him.

31. This wounded Smoot. Yet despite their present differences, they would re-establish their friendship, and Smoot would visit Roosevelt at his Oyster Bay home to discuss old times shortly before the latter’s death.

32. Elihu Root, Republican Senator from New York, and Herbert S. Hadley, Republican governor of Missouri.

33. Charles Warren Fairbanks had been vice-president under Roosevelt.

34. Republican senator Warren Gamaliel Harding (1865-1923) from Ohio and later president of the United States.

35. John Wanamaker was a wealthy Philadelphia businessman.

36. Nicholas Murray Butler was a prominent educator who served for years as president of Columbia University. Later in the convention he received the vice-presidential nomination. He would share the 1931 Nobel peace prize with Jane Addams. Butler was a close friend of Smoot, and they continued to correspond after Butler lost in the 1912 election.

37. Anthon H. Lund, of the LDS First Presidency.

38. Borah always wanted the presidency, but Smoot did not consider him up to the task and referred frequently to his grandstanding attempts to gain the party’s attention. In 1916 Borah again made unsuccessful overtures for the nomination.

39. William Jennings Bryan.

40. “Champ” Clark was one of the early front-runners.

41. Walter Lowrie Fisher.

42. This was part of the Ute Indian Agency in the Uintah Basin.

43. Republican representative James Robert Mann (1856-1922) of Illinois.

44. Democratic senator George Earle Chamberlain (1854-1928).

45. Democratic senator John Sharp William (1854-1932).

46. Democratic senator William Joel Stone (1848-1918).

47. Smoot’s bank had been generous with loans to assist Knight’s mining investments.

48. There is little, if any, documentation on how Smoot was able to accumulate so many interests in so many different business concerns. Nor are his papers sufficient to indicate how many companies he owned or shared ownership in, though it is clear he was wealthy by any standard.

49. Despite Knight’s “rags-to-riches” story and talent for discovering valuable mining properties, Smoot was less impressed with his business acumen. Although he joint-ventured a number of enterprises with Knight, Smoot was cautious and turned down as many of his deals as he accepted.

50. Of “the boys,” he refers specifically to his machine, the Federal Bunch, or some of his business partners and cronies.

51. Goodwin was a longtime editor of the Salt Lake Tribune. He was vitriolic towards Mormons and had been a thorn in Smoot’s side when Smoot’s election was contested. He had mellowed somewhat by 1912.

52. Orlando W. Powers was a federal judge during the polygamy prosecutions.

53. Bingham mine was at the south end of Salt Lake Valley and was one of the larger mining properties in Utah. It would become one of the largest copper mines in the world.

54. George T. Odell was one of the co-founders and later president of Consolidated Wagon and Machine Company and was on the directorships of other Utah businesses. An ardent Republican, he helped found and operate the “Sevens”—a 1920s party machine that tried to manipulate elections.

55. Seymour Bicknell Young (1837-1924) was a nephew of Brigham Young and active in civic affairs. He was also one of the LDS Seven Presidents of the Seventies.

56. Smith said: “I cannot refrain from expressing my sincere gratitude to our national authorities for the generous kindness they have shown to the American citizens. . . . Some of our people and many others have stood ready to condemn the authorities of our nation . . . . But I feel thankful a higher wisdom has dictated the course of the executive authorities of our nation, by which they have kept their hands clean from the shedding of blood.”

57. J. Golden Kimball defended freedom of thought and urged people to be cautious during an election year: “My temperament is such that I cannot say anything inspiring, or bubble with enthusiasm, and be clear, happy, or joyous if I have to wear a restraining collar and cater to popular sentiments. I would like my preaching to have color, thrill, feel homelike, and revive old memories and myself feel free as a colt in the pasture. Now if I can’t feel that way among Latter-Day Saints, where on earth can I go that I will feel free . . . For the past month or so, I have been reading political platforms and promises, and pledges enough to last the people of these United States for a thousand years, if they are carried out.”

58. Roberts argued for freedom of opinion. He also stated that, despite the church view of the divinity of the Constitution, times change and the Constitution can adapt to change without damaging its integrity.

59. Smith’s rejoinder: “I think that in the realms of liberty, and the exercise of human judgment, all men should exercise extreme caution, that they do not change or abolish those things which God has willed and has inspired to be done. It has been in this realm of freedom, and the exercise of human judgment that most of the evils that have occurred in the world have been done.”

60. Apostle Charles W. Penrose echoed Smith’s sentiments of the previous day.

61. Talmage said: “We do stand for the Constitution and do not believe in any false notions of advancement and enlightenment and progressivism such as seeks to undermine that foundation of our liberties.”

62. It is difficult to know which of several Bentleys living in the Mormon colonies is referred to.

63. Prior to his call to the Quorum of Twelve Apostles in 1907, Anthony Woodward Ivins (1852-1934) served as president for the Juarez Stake in Mexico.

64. It was, and to lesser extent still is, customary in the Mormon church to dedicate one’s new home and invoke the powers of heaven to bless it.

65. Margaret Dusenberry, Smoot’s sister.

66. Emma Lucy Gates, one of Mormondom’s more talented singers who performed throughout Europe and the United States. She later married Apostle Albert E. Bowen.

67. President William Howard Taft.

68. Democratic senator Kirtland Irving Perky (1867-1936) of Idaho was appointed to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Senator Weldon B. Heyburn.

69. Republican representative Burton Lee French (1875-1954).

70. Republican senator Charles Curtis (1860-1936) of Kansas. He had just lost his bid for re-election but regained his seat in 1914 and was later elected vice-president under Herbert Hoover.

71. With Richard A. Ballinger’s resignation in 1911, Smoot’s influence with the Department of the Interior waned. The new secretary, Walter Lowrie Fisher, was of the more liberal, reform-minded wing of the party. He and Smoot never saw eye to eye on crucial issues affecting the west.

[Friday Feby 2/11 [sic]]