Honorable Release

Out of Print

A Novel

by David Gagon
Paperback / 254 pages / 1-56085-025-6 / $14.95

Honorable ReleaseA madman rampages through Rio de Janeiro murdering American missionaries. A cleric-turned-mystic combs the hill country working miracles and gathering disciples. Their paths converge as a Yankee journalist and a former missionary race to prevent a bloody showdown. Gagon’s riveting adventure ranges from Redondo Beach to the Amazon wilderness. It depicts a world of danger and intrigue, dark rituals, poverty, despair, and violence: a world where western values crumble upon contact with the jungle.

David Gagon David Gagon is a designer and layout artist for theĀ Deseret News and also a freelance screenplay writer. This is his first book. He and his family live in Salt Lake City.