If You Can’t Beat ‘Em … Signature Joins Other Mormon Presses at University of Chicago

Signature Books has noticed that its competitors for manuscripts (University of Illinois Press, University¬†of Utah Press, BYU Maxwell Institute) have increasingly turned their books over to the Chicago Distribution Center (CDC), a division of the University of Chicago Press. We’ve been slow to figure this out, but we’re finally joining forces with the friendly opposition, so to speak. For your convenience, we’re making it so customers can order our books, along with those from other publishers, through one common supplier.

Beginning Wednesday, August 1, all orders must be placed through CDC. This will apply to individuals as well as bookstores, libraries, virtual Internet stores, wholesalers, university textbook facilities, book clubs, and study groups.

The client list at CDC is impressive. It includes university presses such as Catholic University, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Stanford, Temple University, University of Michigan, University of Missouri, and Utah State University, as well as such important academic publishers from Canada, Europe, and the U.S. as Askant Netherlands, Bayeux Arts, the Bodleian Library, Guerra Edizioni, the Swedenborg Foundation, and Verlag Scheiddegger & Spiess. A full list of publishers can be accessed here.

You can contact CDC online at Chicago Distribution Center or by phone at 800-621-2736/773-702-7000. If you have questions, you may email orders@press.uchicago.edu.

Signature Books will continue to distribute limited editions and short-run productions from the Smith-Pettit Foundation.