Indian Origins and the Book of Mormon

Out of Print

by Dan Vogel

The Book of Mormon“Well researched and deftly written … An outstanding job.” —Henry Warner Bowden, Professor of Religious Studies, Stanford University

“An excellent summary of the elements in the literary and folkloric environment of the early nineteenth century that influenced the content of the Book of Mormon … Solid, clear, well researched.”
—Mario S. De Pillis, Professor of History, Amherst University

“A wide range of sources used intelligently and fairly … A sound scholarly job.
—Francis Jennings, Director Emeritus, D’Arcy McNickle Center for the History of the American Indian, The Newberry Library

“This book does a good job of recreating the issues in the debates on Indian origins in the early nineteenth century and in suggesting how that debate might have influenced Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon.”
—Neal Salisbury, Visiting Reader of English and American Studies, University of Essex.

Dan Vogel is a senior in history at California State University at Long Beach, where he will graduate in the fall of 1986. This is his first book-length work.