Linda Sillitoe: In Memoriam

Linda SillitoeOur friend and author, Linda Sillitoe, died Wednesday, April 7, of a heart attack. She was 61 years old, although the mileage on her heart was much greater than that. She was an advocate for those who have been marginalized by society: minorities, gays, abused women, the chronically ill. This was evident in her book, Friendly Fire: The ACLU in Utah, her short stories, Windows on the Sea, and her novel, Secrets Keep. Her poetry, Crazy for Living, expressed optimism in the face of the brutality of life.

Linda was most famously co-author with Allen Roberts of the best-selling (65,000 copies) Salamander: The Story of the Mormon Forgery Murders. In addition, she taught journalism classes, worked for many years as a news reporter for the Deseret News and Utah Holiday magazine, co-produced a PBS documentary, Navajo and American, and raised three children. She is survived by her husband, John, who will retire next week as Curator of Special Collections at Weber State University, and children Melissa, Rob, and Cynthia.