Love Chains

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by Margaret Blair Young
Paperback / 216 pages / 1-56085-084-1 / $17.95

Love ChainsLike the naked preacher in “Zoo Sounds” who urges passersby to “repent in the raw,” Margaret Blair Young peels away layers of pretense to reveal basic instincts. She writes about people who live hard lives, face demons, and who find themselves bound to people they do not really understand. In such stories as “God on Donahue” and “Dirge for Rosaidalva Aju,” she takes readers on pilgrimages to exotic places and through a labyrinth of modern paradoxes.

Margaret Blair YoungMargaret Blair Young is a BYU English instructor. She is the author of Elegies and Love SongsHouse Without Walls, and Salvador; and a contributor to Bright Angels and Familiars and Turning Hearts.  She has published in the Nebraska ReviewNexusSouthern Review, and elsewhere and has received awards from the Association for Mormon Letters and Utah Arts Council. She was a finalist for the Pushcart Prize.