Midwestern Mormon Historians Gather

John Whitmer Historical Association

John Whitmer Historical Association

In 1860, the oldest son of Mormon founder, Joseph Smith, accompanied his widowed mother, Emma, to Amboy, Illinois. There they met with leaders of the Midwestern Latter Day Saints to accept the leadership of the RLDS Church, now known as the Community of Christ and headquartered in Independence, Missouri.

To commemorate that event, the historians of the John Whitmer Historical Association will gather in Amboy and nearby Rockford on September 23-26, 2010, for lectures and discussions. The theme of the conference is “Emma, Her Sons, Their Church, and the Latter Day Saints.”

Linda King Newell, an award winning biographer of Emma Smith, will give the opening plenary lecture on Emma’s Legacy and life after Joseph’s death. John Hamer, a rising Community of Christ scholar, will bring us up to speed with a paper on “The Community of Christ History for Beginners.” Other papers include Joseph Smith III’s visit to Utah, defining the early Reorganization, the Temple Lot Case, Brigham Young’s failure to reunite with the Midwestern Church, a comparison of various Mormon churches, and a discussion of psychiatric issues surrounding Joseph Smith by William D. Morain and Robert D. Anderson, both of whom have published books on this topic.

To see details of this year’s line-up of papers, click here. We hope to see you there.