Mormon Mavericks

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Essays on Dissenters

John Sillito and Susan Staker, editors
Paperback / 388 pages / 1-56085-154-6 / $21.95

Mormon MavericksSome left, some stayed. Each one found some aspect of their church’s history, doctrine, policies, or politics that they could not reconcile with their own personal ethics. Some felt burdened by the conflict, while others embraced it. A few were reticent, even apologetic about their disagreements. Others were barnstormers. Each possessed some quality that destined him or her to ride at the fringes rather than at the center.

Mormon Mavericks summarizes a few famous flashpoints in Mormon history; more importantly, it provides a telling study in human nature. Each contributor is an expert in his or her discipline, and all approach their topic with equal doses of sympathy and objectivity.

The following mavericks are featured in this collection of biographical essays:

Fawn McKay Brodie
Juanita Brooks
Thomas Stuart Ferguson
Amasa Mason Lyman
Sterling M. McMurrin
John E. Page
Sarah M. Pratt
D. Michael Quinn
William Smith
Fanny Stenhouse
T. B. H. Stenhouse
James Strang
Samuel Woolley Taylor
Moses Thatcher

John Sillito

John Sillito is Archivist, Curator of Special Collections, and Professor of Libraries at Weber State University (Ogden, Utah), where he was named the Nye Honors Professor for 2001-02. He is the co-editor of A World We Thought We Knew: Readings in Utah History, Letters from Exile: The Correspondence of Martha Hughes Cannon, Mormon Mavericks and other volumes.

Susan StakerSusan Staker is an editorial director at Adobe Systems (Seattle, Washington), former editor at Sunstone magazine, co-author of Sisters and Little Spirits: One Hundred Years of Primary, editor of Waiting for World’s End: The Diaries of Wilford Woodruff, a contributor to The Prophet Puzzle and American Apocrypha, among others.