Mormon News, September 12-16

In the News


According to the Pew Research Center, over 60 percent of Mormons self- identified as Republicans in 2012 when Mitt Romney ran as the Republican presidential nominee. Now only 48 percent say they are Republican, a shift many attribute to a “Trump Effect,” in which formerly loyal Republicans are considering any alternative to voting for a candidate they find fundamentally unfit. However, having fewer Mormon Republicans does not necessarily mean more Mormon Democrats. In 2015 the number of LDS people identifying as Democrats dropped to 15 percent, the lowest percentage recorded since Pew began tracking Mormon political affiliation in 1994. Instead, 35 percent now consider themselves independent voters, while maintaining individualized political values that have remained consistent through election cycles and haven’t shifted to conform to party platforms or candidates.


Artist Melinda Hannah celebrates LGBT Mormons with her new exhibit, “The Hero’s Journey of the LGBT Mormon,” a series of paintings named after Carol Lynn Pearson’s book by the same title. Hannah also planned the show to coincide with the International Affirmation Conference for LGBT Mormons, reinforcing the conference’s theme of acceptance and healing for Mormon LGBT people. Hannah’s work features portraits of Mormons and their partners, and Hannah hopes the paintings inspire hope and positivity by showcasing the beauty, complexity and authenticity of the gay community. The show runs from September 22-25 at Writ and Vision Rare Books and Fine Art in Provo.


Former Utah native and San Francisco transplant Michelle Glauser loves her job as a software engineer- enough to inspire her to develop ways of making her skill set available to those who normally can’t access software engineering courses on their own. Her new non-profit, Techtonica, provides free tech training, child-care, and job placement to women and non-binary adults in need. Glauser was inspired to start Techtonica after noticing the income disparity between struggling residents and affluent tech workers in San Francisco. You can help support her campaign here.

In Books


Signature Books latest release, Thirteenth Apostle: The Diaries of Amasa M. Lyman, 1832–1877, is now available in both hardback and Kindle editions via Amazon. According to David D. Busath, descendant of Lyman and president of the Amasa Mason Lyman Educational and Historical Society, Thirteenth Apostle is “an essential resource for historians, family members, and anyone interested in a first-hand account by someone so closely aligned with the leading elders of the church. Here we have the good, the bad, and everything in-between.” Thirteenth Apostle can be purchased here.

With Love


The Signature Books family sends love to our friend and colleague John Hatch, who lost his mother this week after a battle with lung cancer. We’d like to take a moment to honor Jackie Hatch as she was adored by friends and family alike. Jackie was known for her infectious laugh, adventurous spirit, and deep love for her family. She loved spending time with her grandchildren and was an active and fun-loving grandma. She raised four sons- all of whom inherited both her sense of loyalty and humor. She worked as a nurse at IMC Hospital and created an environment of positivity and hope for patients and coworkers, many of whom could recognize her laugh from all the way down the hall. Our hearts are with you John.

News update by Steph Lauritzen