Mormon Studies News



Some items of ward business: there are so many great upcoming events for history enthusiasts and anyone interested in Mormon Studies! Something I’ve learned since I began working at Signature Books: you folks basically spend all summer going to grown-up sleepaway camps. Grown up EFY?  But with books and scholarly research instead of friendship bracelets and singing in public. Anyway, mark your calendars.

*The Mormon History Association’s 52nd Annual Conference will be held in St. Louis, MO, from June 1–4, 2017. Pre-registration runs until May 20, but the fees increase after May 6. Of course, you can just show up and register on-site, but that seems like a very un-Mormon Studies enthusiast thing to do. You can view the preliminary conference program here, and register here.

Kate Kelly, John Dehlin*Joseph Stuart and Kris Wright will be hosting a pre-MHA workshop for graduate students or emerging scholars on “Surveying Trends in the Field: Mormon History and Mormon Studies in the Modern Academy.” Go here to learn more about how to apply (the deadline is March 27!) and learn more about the program.


Announcement: someone at Signature Books is married to someone who had to have their entire hand surgically reconstructed after a particularly rough game of ward ball. Deadspin (of all places) has a really interesting piece on the history of ward ball, church architecture, and the tension between Mormonism’s identity as both a “peculiar people” of faith and successful financial corporation.


Before we excuse the congregation for Sunday school, please be aware that MormonLeaks is still leaking things, and that the LDS Church’s Intellectual Property Office is not pleased. After MormonLeaks released a PowerPoint presentation used by church authorities in discussing the roots of apostasy, the church threatened legal action and the materials were removed. But they are back now, and it looks like MormonLeaks isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.