My New Life

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Paperback. 236 Pages. / 1-56085-073-6 / $14.95

My New LifeDrawing on the experiences of his own childhood, Ron Molen recalls a young Mormon boy who grew up in a Catholic neighborhood near Chicago in the 1930s. Tom, or “Wart,” as his friends know him, joins youngsters of the same age in building treehouses, digging tunnels, making up secret code words, and vaunting their one-upmanship over a rival group of boys at the skinny-dipping hole. This is where whatever meaning life has is to be found, the author seems to say. Written with obvious nostalgia, readers will find in Ron Molen’s telling memories of their own childhoods.

Ron MolenRon Molen is the founder of Molen Associates Architects and the author of House Plus Environment, as well as of articles in Catalyst magazine, the Utne Reader, and The Wilderness of Faith. He is the recipient of a writing award from the Utah Arts Council. He also serves on the Writers at Work board and the Fine Arts Board of the State of Utah; in 1976 he chaired the Million Trees for a Million People campaign.