Mystery writer featured at “Mormon Artist”

Writing "The Pictograph Murders"Patricia Karamesines is a proponent of the great outdoors. As she has said, “it is through Joseph Smith’s First Vision that Mormonism stakes its claim in the grand tradition of finding God in the wilderness.” But unlike other environmentalists, she employs the wilderness of southern Utah’s redrock country for her murder mystery, The Pictograph Murders.

Where did she get her inspiration, and what is she up to? This is what the beautifully designed, well-written online magazine, Mormon Artist, wanted to know. In the current issue, Linda Morris interviews Karamesines to find out, for instance, why so many reviewers “use the word ‘fun’ in connection with their reading of your book.”

“I varied the narrative approach from time to time,” said Karamesines. “I sent the slovenly camp cook to the deerfly-infested creek. I gave the dog a starring role. Fun equals … world play, plot twists. … That made it fun for me. At that point in my life, I needed fun.”

For the entire interview, go to the site, Mormon Artist.