New Approaches to the Book of Mormon

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Explorations in Critical Methodology

Brent Lee Metcalfe, editor

Explorations in Critical MethodologyContributors to New Approaches to the Book of Mormon address a variety of methodological, historical, and theological concerns in the belief that readers will come away better for having approached the Book of Mormon from these new perspectives. Mormon scripture deserves more sophisticated scrutiny than has been previously accorded, and readers deserve the results of cutting-edge research without primary reliance on technical jargon or apologetics. Some readers may find the following essays too “secular,” while others may find them too “religious.” However, those with less partisan objectives will discover an array of new directions for Book of Mormon research. We are not so much interested in convincing readers to think as any of us do, but simply in encouraging them to think for themselves.

Brent Lee Metcalfe is a technical editor for the computer industry in Utah. His essay, “Joseph Smith’s Scriptural Cosmology,” was published in The Word of God: Essays on Mormon Scripture. He has moderated panels on the Book of Mormon for the B. H. Roberts Society and Sunstone symposia and has published on related topics.