Of All Things!

Out of Print

A Nibley Quote Book

Gary P. Gillum, editor and compiler
Hardback / 190 pages / 0-941214-03-6 / $10.95

Of all ThingsOf All Things! is a collection of witticisms from ninety-nine of Hugh Nibley’s most interesting works. Giving new meaning to the term “mad professor,” this BYU religion teacher has for generations dazzled, entertained, and mystified scholars and students alike with his lively lectures and obtuse footnotes. An ingenious protagonist for the Book of Mormon and Book of Abraham, he is a secret weapon against secularism in Utah. He holds a Ph.D. from UCLA and has done post-doctoral work at Berkeley and Chicago.

Gary P. Gillum is the humanities and ancient studies librarian at BYU. A former student in the Lutheran ministry, he now serves as the Senior President of a Payson, Utah stake seventies quorum, where he lives with his wife Elizabeth and “yours, mine, and ours” family of five.