Of Curious Workmanship

Out of Print

Musings on Things Mormon

by Edgar C. Snow, Jr.
Paperback / 132 pages / 1-56085-136-8

Of Curious WorkmanshipEd Snow mixes nostalgia and humor equally in his musings about things Mormon. For instance, in singing “Tit-Willow” as a youth (remember the old Recreational Songs book?), the resulting giggles are vivid in his mind. Or when he and his mission companion received the gift of a local beef tongue delicacy from a grateful convert in Switzerland and they called it the “gift of tongues.” Poker faces all around. It’s good being Mormon, even if it’s a little strange, Ed seems to be saying. There is great comfort in the rhythms of church life. And, as Ed believes, there must be a higher purpose to all of this!

Edgar SnowEdgar Snow is a former part-time LDS Institute of Religion instructor, now a partner in a law firm in Atlanta. He holds degrees from Brigham Young University, University of Tennessee, and Boston University. For a time he attended St. Mary’s Seminary in Maryland, where he was also president of the Baltimore Housing Ministry. He and his wife have three children.