Parting the Veil

Out of Print

Stories from a Mormon Imagination

By Phyllis Barber
Paperback / 180 pages / 1-56085-120-1

Parting the VeilSomething about Mormonism and the power of the miraculous keeps bringing Phyllis Barber back to her roots. She was always fascinated by Sunday school stories of Joseph Smith’s visions, about the Three Nephites rescuing people in harm’s way, and about how unborn spirits talk to women in the night and ask to receive a mortal body. The idea that the veil between heaven and earth can be parted has never been far from her. As much as she feels the need to know what is real, she can’t help telling these stories that wrestle with the possibility of a veil that is very thin and fluttering nearby.

Phillis BarberPhyllis Barber is the author of How I Got Cultured: A Nevada Memoir (winner of the Associated Writing Program Award for Creative Nonfiction); Legs: The Story of a Giraffe; Parting the Veil: Stories from a Mormon Imagination; Raw Edges: A Memoir; and The School of Love. Raised in southern Nevada, she has lived and worked in Minnesota, Vermont (university faculty), and now Utah.