Preface to Faith

A Philosophical Inquiry Into RLDS Beliefs

by Paul M. Edwards
Paperback / 126 pages / 0-941214-27-3 / $9.95

A Philosophical Inquiry Into RLDS BeliefsEdwards’s work is almost a pioneering effort in defining and systematizing the basic ingredients of RLDS philosophy. … [One must] admire Edwards’s honesty and forthrightness. … All in all, he [seems to be] an admirably free soul. This is evident in his comment that Joseph Smith ‘gathered his own teachings into the Book of Mormon, a speculative work that gives the story of his experience and the truths he arrived at from considering these experiences.

Dr. Paul M. Edwards has served as president of the John Whitmer Historical Association and Mormon History Association. He has published in Dialogue, the Journal of Mormon History, Sunstone, and elsewhere, and is a contributing author to Faithful History. His Ph.D. is from St. Andrews University in Scotland; he also studied at Cambridge, Claremont, and Oklahoma. He is currently the director of the Center for the Study of the Korean War, a former vice president of Graceland College and former director of the RLDS Temple School.