Remembering Brad

Out of Print

On the Loss of a Son to AIDS

by H. Wayne Schow with Journal Entries by Brad Schow

On the Loss of a Son to AIDS“How can I begin to relate the powerful emotions I felt while reading Remembering Brad? I especially appreciate the author’s combination of the sacred and secular, the emotional and intellectual. I, too, will remember Brad.” —Barbara J. Shaw, Executive Director, Utah AIDS Foundation

“This important book needs to be read twice: the first time slowly, savoring the powerful feelings and profound growth, then a second time aloud to as large an audience as you can find.”—Gerry Johnston, mother of a gay son; founder, People Who Care

“Remembering Brad caused me to recall my own struggle to reconcile my sexual orientation with my spirituality. More importantly, Schow relates the coming out process for parents, offering significant assistance for families trying to understand and accept.” —Duane Jennings, Director, Wasatch Chapter, Affirmation: Gay & Lesbian Mormons