Reviews – Line Upon Line: Essays on Mormon Doctrine

Line Upon LineSaints Herald, Wayne Ham
Fifteen exciting new essays on the development of the doctrine of God in the Restoration movement appear in Line upon Line. Members of the Reorganized Church who are interested in the theological affirmations about God in the early Restoration movement will be stimulated by reading several of these essays.

All of the authors, who apply historical methodologies and theological analyses in an impeccable manner, have their spiritual roots in the Mormon church. All affirm the process of dramatic change from the Trinitarian notion of the Godhead in the early 1830s to the polytheistic concepts in Mormonism today.

In the course of dealing with ideas about God, the contributors to this compendium of articles look at the notion of a “mother in heaven,” which entered into the speculative theology of Nauvoo; the concepts of predestination and the eternal progression of human spirits; and the main reason for this book appears to be the desire on the part of all contributors to establish—in no uncertain terms—the evolutionary nature of theology in the Restoration movement.

RLDS readers with some background in early Restoration studies will appreciate the clear articulation of the historical and theological insights imbedded in this book of readings. Some confusion about scriptural and church history references are inevitable for RLDS readers because of differing notation systems used by the two Restoration denominations. An index of topics certainly would have increased the usefulness of this study.

Nevertheless, a great service to scholarly interest in the Restoration movement has been performed by Signature Books in providing this new resource for the benefit of all students of Latter-day Saint thought.