Reviews – The Essential James E. Talmage

Essential James E. TalmageBenchmark Book News
Sales of this book have been brisk, as interest is very high in this popular and respected twentieth-century LDS apostle, scientist, theologian, and writer. Many of Talmage’s works are considered classics in the Church today, such as Jesus the Christ, The Articles of Faith, and The House of the Lord. What is not widely known is that these books and the circumstances surrounding them were not without some controversy. The editor provides fascinating facts about Talmage and his writings and presents several less widely known, but significant, works, and offers, in addition to the text, diary entries relating to manuscripts, material omitted from later editions (worth the price of the book alone), and other supplementary material. Some of the book’s entries include “Science and Religion,” “The Effects of Narcotics upon the System” (experience firsthand), “The Theory of Evolution,” “Items on Polygamy—Omitted from the Published Book,” and “Calling and Ordination to the Apostleship.”