Reviews – The Essential Orson Pratt

The Essential Orson PrattDeseret News, Jerry Johnston
“Read good books,” Brigham Young said, “and extract from their wisdom and understanding as much as you can.” Chances are Brother Brigham would have been impressed by the “goodness” of the volumes today that chronicle the migration of the Mormon pioneers.

“Soon we’ll have these tales to tell,” the saints sang in “Come, Come, Ye Saints.” For the pioneer sesquicentennial, the tales are being told—and told twice. The Deseret News contacted several local book experts with a special sense of pioneer history and asked them to list five volumes each that went to the heart of the matter… [One of the frequently listed books was] The Essential Orson Pratt; Introduction by BYU’s David Whittaker, Signature, 1991.

Orson Pratt was one of the most popular theologians of the 19th century. His keen eye and ability with language have made his impressions—about the trek West and more—invaluable for researchers. This collection pulls together some of his most poignant observations. …