Secrets Keep

Out of Print

A Novel

by Linda Sillitoe
Paperback / 288 pages / 1-56085-079-5 / $15.95

Secrets KeepThe trouble with Caitlin is that she is obsessed with her work as a crime reporter. And she is troubled by it. The scenes she writes about stay with her, even when she climbs into bed at night with her husband, or while driving the children to school in the morning.

Then her life goes from bad to worse when her older brother disappears. Not only is the entire extended family thrown into a crisis, but the closer they become during the ordeal, the more they learn things about each other that they never knew—for instance, a startling revelation about an earlier, hushed-up family suicide.

All-in-all this is a typical Salt Lake City family. As Linda Sillitoe peels back the layers of pretense, the story begins to seem like a dream—a nightmare—that one can remember well enough to be unnerved by, since it seems so much like real life. For Caitlin, the nightmare has become real.

LindaLinda Sillitoe is a former staff reporter at the Deseret News and features editor for Utah Holiday magazine. She is the author of non-fiction (Salamander: The Story of the Mormon Forgery Murders), fiction (Windows on the Sea), and poetry (Crazy for Living) and co-producer of a PBS-affiliated documentary on the Navajo.