Set in Stone, Fixed in Glass

Out of Print

The Mormons, the West, and their Photographers

by Nelson B. Wadsworth
Paperback / 400 pages / 1-56085-106-6

The Mormons, the West, and their PhotographersIt is remarkable that there are so many good photographs of territorial Utah. Photography in the nineteenth century was complicated and involved sensitive silver-coated-copper, guncotton-glass, and blackened sheet-iron plates, as well as the related storage and transportation difficulties. Yet thirteen early shutterbugs found their way to Utah to photograph the impressive gothic temple—the focal point of the territory—and the Mormon people, as well as their farms and factories, surrounding landscapes, and recreational pastimes. Miraculously many of these priceless portraits and scenes have been preserved to the present, and Nelson Wadsworth has assembled four hundred of them for this remarkable anthology, along with informed commentary.

Nelson B. Wadsworth Nelson B. Wadsworth is an emeritus professor of journalism at Utah State University. He is the author of Through Camera Eyes and co-author of The History of the Mormons in Photographs and Text: 1830 to the Present, republished in Germany as Der Weg zum Licht: die Geschichte der Mormonen in Bildern und Texten.