Signature Books has a new and improved library website.

The Signature Books LibraryIn 1996 Signature Books attempted to enter the digital age by offering scholars, researchers and enthusiasts a searchable CD Rom that contained all of our non-fiction titles published up to that time. It was an ambitious undertaking. As with all modern ideas, the technology threatened to leave us spinning in the dust. We later opened the website and began posting titles that were no longer in print, making them available to anyone with access to the internet. As part of this project, we decided to expand our scope and include fiction and poetry to round out the histories, documentaries, and social commentaries. In the spring of 2011, we had some fifty titles available online. We are pleased at the level of traffic on our site and to learn that some of our online books have become required reading in college courses.

One of the things we’ve learned is that people often find our titles via the back door as they ask questions via internet search engines. Our new website facilitates this kind of use and makes it possible for people to understand what they have found as they land somewhere inside the chapters of a book.

Of the initial fifty titles on the original site, we’ve temporarily lost some in the recent upgrade. We hope that this void will be short-lived as we have six people proofing, organizing, and posting our out-of-print books as quickly as time permits. On the bright side, we’ve already uploaded works that were not originally posted. In the weeks that follow, our goal is to have some 100 titles posted.  

We are big fans of our incredible authors and editors. We expect their books to have long legs in reaching a new generation as they wrestle with the history, art, and culture of the unique position Mormonism fills in the American West. We hope you visit our website often and watch our progress.