Mormon News, February 17–21

February 15–21, 2014

In the News

Signature BooksThe LDS Church plans to expand their church complex in Philadelphia by building a 32-story tower next to the temple which is under construction. The new high-rise will contain some 258 apartments, thirteen townhomes, a meeting house and retail space. The city deputy mayor praised the church for “committing to such a project without more evidence of economic vitality in the surrounding neighborhood.” Church officials have declined to specify the cost of the development.

In the Blogs

Mormon grandmother, Kathryn Skaggs caused an internet frenzy when she denounced the recent Disney box office smash, Frozen, on her blog, A Well-Behaved Mormon Woman. Skaggs, writing that she could “blatantly see that the homosexual agenda” said it was not just the “underlying message” of the film, but the “actual story.” She admitted, however, that she saw the movie three different times with grandchildren and “enjoyed watching the movie every single time.” It should also be noted that Frozen has a hit song, Let It Go, featuring the celebrated African American Mormon singer Alex Boyé. Skaggs, who sensed a hidden story in the movie describes her viewing experience as “watching completely different movies that was visually dancing across the screen. … It was like being in two places, experiencing two vastly different movies, that were visually identical.”

Skaggs explains that the main character Elsa has magic powers and is advised to hide them even from family. Skaggs parallels these magical powers to same sex attraction and then goes on at great length to tie the plot to the life of a lesbian child. Apperently, Kathryn Skaggs daughter is friends with one of the producers of the Salt Lake X96 morning Radio from Hell show, and told the producer it would be ok to tell their listeners that she is a lesbian, and that the Frozen post is in response to her.  Skaggs confirmed that her daughter is lesbian in this morning’s response to the media she received.

The online forum of Exponent II discussed the policy that LDS church disciplinary councils held for women  are staffed only by men.  Seven anecdotes place an exclamation mark on the nature of these councils.

In Books

Two books recently released are worth noting. The Persistence of Polygamy: From Joseph Smith’s Martyrdom to the First Manifesto, 1844–1890  is the second offering in a three-volume series from John Whitmer Books., It contains an essay by Signature Books publisher George D. Smith. The other comes from Greg Kofford Books, Authoring the Old Testament: Genesis—Deuteronomy, the first volume in their “Contemporary Studies in Scripture” series.