Special Living Lessons for Relief Society Sisters

Out of Print

by Sister Fonda AlaMode

Laurie Mecham Johnson
Paperback / 72 pages / 1-56085-090-6 / $10.95

Special Living Lessons for Relief Society Sisters“Sisters, I hope that you will not be offended, but I have been thinking lately,” says ├╝ber-feminine housewife and Relief Society president Fonda AlaMode in Laurie Johnson’s send-up of LDS anti-feminists. Women should feel free to exercise “the sweet spirits with which they are possessed,” AlaMode continues as she ponders the meaning of a Relief Society lesson titled “Motherhood: The Greatest Calling Given Unto Mankind.”
Describing herself as “a corresponding student perusing an Associate’s Degree in Secretarial Science from the BYU in Salt Lake,” Fonda tells her readers that she is not “what anyone would call an intellectualist.” Sixty snapshots accompany the text, showing Fonda bearing her testimony (“I am not padding the truth when I say that my cup is truly full”) and advising the sisters on “how to get re-committed.”

Laurie Mecham Johnson Laurie Mecham Johnson has starred in the Salt Lake Acting Company production of the Kathy and Mo Show: Parallel Lives, Theater Works West’s Jeffery, and D. B. Cooper’s Black Velvet Pastures: Contemporary Cowgirl Poetry. She is co-author of the musical theater production Salt Lake, Salt Lake II and co-founder of the improvisational acting group “Head Games.”