Statements of the LDS First Presidency

Out of Print

A Topical Compendium

by Gary James Bergera
Dale C. LeCheminant, Foreword
Paperback / 544 pages / 156085-195-3 / $34.95

Statements of the LDS First PresidencyFor members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the authority to speak for God rests with the President of the Church and his counselors. Comprising the First Presidency, these men offer guidance to bishops and other leaders in official circular letters, to the general membership in articles and announcements published in the Ensign magazine and elsewhere, and to the broader public in statements read from the pulpit and distributed as news releases to the media.
These communications are considered to be authoritative, whether touching on doctrine, theology, Church administration and practice, or matters of individual responsibility. The First Presidency maintains the exclusive prerogative to interpret scripture and doctrine for the Church at large.

The current volume should therefore be of considerable interest to LDS Church members and scholars seeking official views on doctrinal questions and contemporary issues. For readers’ convenience, the quotations are arranged alphabetically by topic and in reverse chronological order to present the most recent statements first.

Gary James BergeraGary James Bergera is managing director of the Smith-Pettit Foundation in Salt Lake City, former managing director of Signature Books, and former managing editor of Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought. He is co-author of Brigham Young University: A House of Faith, editor of Line Upon Line: Essays on Mormon Doctrine, The Autobiography of B. H. Roberts, Statements of the LDS First Presidency, and companion volumes of Joseph Smith’s Quorum of the Anointed, 1842-1845, and The Nauvoo Endowment Companies, 1845-1846 (also co-editor) and On Desert Trails with Everett Ruess, and a contributing author in The Prophet Puzzle: Interpretive Essays on Joseph Smith, Religion, Feminism, and Freedom of Conscience: A Mormon/Humanist Dialogue, and The Search for Harmony: Essays on Science and Mormonism. He is also the recipient of a Best Article Award from the Mormon History Association.

Dale C. LeCheminantDale C. LeCheminant is a former LDS Institute of Religion instructor in southern California and Salt Lake City, where he retired. He has published in the Journal of Mormon History and elsewhere and contributed to such works as John A. Widtsoe’s recently re-issued Rational Theology: As Taught by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.