Strangers in Paradox

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Explorations in Mormon Theology

by Margaret and Paul Toscano

Explorations in Mormon TheologyThis work is based in large measure on our experiences as Mormons and our studies of the history and doctrine of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We hope that none of our readers will find this objectionable or offensive. It cannot be helped. Throughout these chapters we deal with the ideas, teachings, and revelations of Joseph Smith, whom we love and admire. We do not shy away from his most controversial contributions: sexuality, materiality, magic, polygamy, eternal progression, and continuing revelation. But this book is not meant to be a description of his teachings or a restatement of Mormon theology. We do not see either his period or our own as a golden age. For us Joseph Smith’s teachings, like those of every other prophet, constitute not the final word but a point of departure.

Margaret Toscano, a doctoral candidate in Hebrew at the University of Utah, teaches humanities at Salt Lake Community College. Paul Toscano, an attorney practicing in Salt Lake City, is author of Gospel Letters to a Mormon Missionary and Invisible Religion in the Public Schools.