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Mormon News, August 8–12

In the News CLINTON PITCHES TO UTAHNS AS MORMON RUNS Hillary Clinton pitched the case for her campaign to Utahns in a rare  op-ed published in the Deseret News this week at the same time a BYU graduate and Mormon announced...


Inspired by recent research published in Nature and Science Mormon News magazines, geneticist Oleg Balanovsky conducted a larger study than previously undertaken involving some 24,000 indigenous people from 90 nations. The DNA results confirmed that Native Americans came from...

Mormon News, February 15–19

Utah State Senator Steve Urquhart apologized this week to the state after the LDS Church issued a press release that he says effectively killed hate-crime legislation. Urquhart, a Republican, sponsored the bill and said it would offer protection to...

Mormon News, July 27–31

Normally a touring Broadway production arriving in a mid-sized U.S. city wouldn’t be cause for international attention, but when the production is the Book of Mormon Musical and the city is Salt Lake, it’s bound to get noticed. News...

Mormon News, February 9–13

John Dehlin, host of the popular Mormon Stories podcast, was excommunicated this week by the LDS Church. In a letter from his stake president that Dehlin made public, he was told that the excommunication was because of three principle...

Parallel Book of Mormon

The 1830, 1837, and 1840 Editions
The text is unchanged from the originals, the eccentricities retained but nevertheless re-typeset for ease in reading and comparing.

The Reader’s Book of Mormon

The Reader's Book of Mormon
There are many ways to approach scripture. At times we search the sacred narratives for doctrinal understanding or theological insights. Other times we might be interested in historical, cultural, and linguistic issues. Another, more common, approach is to see...